Heidi Bly Jones
Heidi Bly Jones

Heidi Bly Jones has announced she will file as a candidate for the vacant office of Fillmore County auditor/treasurer.

The auditor/treasurer position seat is vacant due to an earlier resignation that led to the position being filled internally on a temporary basis. The county coordinator is currently holding the position, but doesn’t plan to run for that office.

The daughter of Marge Bly and the late Robert Bly, Jones was born and raised on an 80-acre farm in Beaver Township, graduating from Kingsland High School in 1995.  For the last 12 years she has been a resident in the city of Ostrander, where she is serving her second term as an elected City Council member and serves on the Uffda Days Committee. She is a member of the Bluff Country Toastmasters Club and volunteers for St. Croix Hospice. She is also currently employed as the finance officer in the auditor/treasurer’s office at Fillmore County.

“I have vested almost 11 years of my county government career directly in the responsibilities of auditor/treasurer's office. My years of experience, training and certifications provide me with vital knowledge to successfully fill the role as auditor/treasurer,” said Jones. “A vast majority of the duties performed in the auditor/treasurer's office are mandated by the State of Minnesota. This requires working closely with other departments within the county, as well as taxpayers, cities, townships, school districts and surrounding county staff. The relationships I have forged are invaluable in working together for the most viable solutions to implement these requirements. This communication is essential to the role of the auditor/treasurer. In addition, I have over 23 years of providing quality customer service.”

Jones is certified by the State of Minnesota in property tax calculations for real and personal property. This is required by state statute to calculate annual rates and tax payments for county taxpayers for both proposed as well as certified taxes. In a majority of the positions Jones has held, an in-depth understanding of the Minnesota state property taxing regulations is required as it plays a key role in the configuration, testing, documentation and enhancement of the processes and taxing systems, she noted.

I am passionate about providing exceptional customer service and educating the public on processes to provide transparency whether that be over the phone, through email or in person,” said Jones. “I work hard to ensure that state statutes and procedures are followed properly so that property taxes and related processes are completed accurately.

Throughout my 25 years of employment, I have held various supervisory/management positions. I have learned that no one can be successful on their own. It requires a positive attitude and embracing the differences in your coworkers and team. I believe effective communication is also crucial to foster and achieve good working relationships, boost morale and efficiency in performing duties.”

She has two children, a daughter, Lexi, and a son, Dom. Dom and his fiancé, Kayla, have given Jones her first grandchild, Sophia. They attend Grace Church in Stewartville.

For more information go to www.VoteHeidiBlyJones.com or voteheidiblyjones on Facebook.