Two weeks ago Carole Yenter updated readership on the progress of this session’s bill on the Lanesboro dam restoration. Indeed, a bill to fund repair is being advanced this legislative session and that is a very good thing. Her brief letter also criticized Gov. Mark Dayton for vetoing the 2016 bonding bill that purportedly would have provided funds for dam repair. Two follow up comments come to mind.

First, Gov. Dayton did not have opportunity to consider signing a 2016 bonding bill, as the bill failed to pass the Senate by one vote. It is worth noting our State Senator Jeremy Miller voted against it. Had he voted for it, perhaps construction would commence this spring. Instead Miller voted for a much trimmed down bonding bill — one that failed 18-47.

Secondly, Gov. Dayton appears to be a proponent of investing in these worthwhile projects. Nearly two years ago Dayton proposed funding for Lanesboro dam repair by means of a 2015 bonding bill proposal he put together. At the time, Rep. Greg Davids publicly dismissed his bonding proposal as political posturing, but that didn’t stop Davids from expressing jealousy that the governor might get credit for advancing the dam repair project.  Davids was quoted as saying in response, “That dam is in MY bill — for 2016.”  

The people of Fillmore County don’t care who gets credit. Let’s fund the dam repair without further delay, along with the many other worthy projects and investments in our local communities. The cost of continued inaction is growing too high. Lets see the bill get to the governor’s desk before we draw conclusions about the politician serving as the fly in the ointment on this issue.

Dee Slinde,