Yesterday the sun was shining in Preston where a small group of people gathered under a white canopy to discuss healthcare, including a broader concept, which includes clean water, protecting the environment and lifestyle. The people were invited there by Commissioner Dr. Edward Ehlinger from the Minnesota Department of Health. Also in attendance were Bobby Vickermann, county coordinator, and other local officials.

The people who came to the meeting care about the future and are seeking practical ways to solve the problems that confront us.

The need to engage locally in school board, city, county and “ground roots” levels of government was emphasized. The major changes we have seen in our culture come about when citizens gather together and exert pressure on state and federal officials. 

If we desire to preserve the ideal of democracy and a government “of the People,” we need to be an “informed” electorate. We need to restore respect for the “Institutions of Government.”

Is there still a P.T.A in schools? Parents must insist that classes in government and current events are taught in our schools! 

The American Legion and auxiliary offer a program to high school juniors, Girl State and Boy State, pertaining to government during one week in the summer. 

We need to expand AmeriCorps and encourage students to engage in public service. We can offer them credits to be used in college or vocational training to reward their work. 

“We” are the future of our country!

Yvonne Nyenhuis,