I have to disagree with Ben Lilliston’s view of President Trump’s budget for rural America, stated in his guest article printed in the Bluff Country Reader last week.

He has totally missed the point and the opportunity for states to have more power to govern themselves. Cutting federal income tax frees up more money for the states and gives the taxpayer more say how it is spent. When you send off your check to the IRS you have given up nearly all control how it will be spent. The deficit spending by the federal government will break the USA and its citizens, it has to end.

Individual states will improve building infrastructure, buying a house and other projects the state wants to do. Putting buffer strips along waterways was a Minnesota effort by Governor Mark Dayton, which is proof that we can and will get cleaner water and air. Minnesota is one of the leading states in renewable energy developed by private industry, not the federal government. The federal bureaucracy makes most of these projects very expensive.

Thankfully, President Trump is taking some of the job killing restrictions that the bureaucracy has lorded over individuals, corporations and states preventing what they need to improve their economies and opportunities. 

President Trump’s budget is no more than a suggestion of where he wants to see some action and improvements. Congress still has the final say what the budget will be. So I would not give a lot of concern to Mr. Lilliston’s half-empty glass and fear mongering. The farmers will get the aid they need.

Roger Dietrich,