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Wednesday, March 08, 2017 12:38 PM
More headlines from the Stars & Stripes, dated Nov. 29, 19l8.  “Surpassing all soldier precedent for generous and spontaneous giving, the AEF (Allied Expeditionary Force) this week adopted 294 fatherless little children from France.”  For Christmas giving, the War Orphan Campaign had gone over many, many francs.
  • Toothless children both terrifying and cute
    I’m sure everyone has gone through that part of life between 7 and 14 (or thereabouts) when all their teeth started falling out of their head, only to be replaced with a spacious and gap-toothed grin.
  • Book eclipse trip, tour Frank Lloyd Wright home
    We’ll take in double the topics, double the fun today. First, there’s still an easy way to take in that total solar eclipse… but you need to book the opportunity NOW. We’ll also look at the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Cedar Rock home, located in an eastern Iowa State Park on a river.
  • Lanesboro/Fillmore Central girls heading to state True Team meet
    Congratulations to the Lanesboro/Fillmore Central girls track team, Section 1A True Team champions. The gals will be heading to the State True Team meet in Stillwater on Saturday, May 20. I haven’t heard anything definite yet, but in the past, when a team, as local as L/FC, has been at the state meet, KFIL has been there to report the results. I won’t be able to let you know the “final call” in the WEB, but should be able to report something in the local paper that covers Lanesboro, Fountain, Preston and Harmony (News Leader).
  • Northern flicker’s recovery brought joy to the day
    A northern flicker did a bit of his courting dance on a platform feeder. The performance was noisy and lively, with some comical dancing, nodding and bowing thrown in. 
  • Altar painting by noted artist back on display
    In 2007, I wrote a column entitled “A Real Learning Experience.”  It had to do with a visitor at the Methodist Church Museum who asked, “Is that altar painting by Herbjorn Gausta?”  We determined that it was indeed, and so we were instructed to contact Dr. Marian Nelson at the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum at Decorah, who sent his booklet on the life of Herbjorn Gausta.
  • Plan for upcoming rockhound, river cleanup events
    It’s time to get some summer recreational events on your calendar. My friends at the Coulee Rock Club of La Crosse, Wis., have a new event coming up right away, as well as the annual show in June.
  • Coaching changes in the works at several area schools
    Am I dreaming? Am I seeing things? Could it be? 
  • Stories enrich communities, even if they haven’t experienced devastation
    I just about broke down and cried on the streets of Oklahoma City Sunday. The near-breakdown was after mile 20 of a marathon, which has been known to make a grown man cry, but it wasn’t the physical exertion, at least not only the physical exertion, that nearly brought me to tears.
  • Remember to leave baby wild animals alone
    Each year there comes time for a reminder about baby wild animals. Basically, although you may not see the mother nearby, you should not handle the animal or move it away from its location.
  • Need to cull file seems to be never-ending job
    Sometimes, the only thing to do is just clean it out. Whether it is a cabinet in the kitchen or bathroom, or a file in the desk drawer, sanity requires getting it sorted, rearranged, or (gasp!) tossed out. Lately I’ve been making progress in that direction, by cleaning out the pantry, rearranging my closets and drawers, and sending bags of what was formerly “good stuff” to the thrift stores. 
  • I’m not a groupie, but I’m surely a fan
    I was recently sitting in a coffee house, listening to some great music with friends, when it suddenly occurred to me that I might be becoming a “groupie.” I even asked a friend sitting near me if we were groupies or just devoted fans. She laughed and told me to look up the definition of a “groupie.”
  • ‘I Can!’ programs teach outdoor skills
    Maybe your daughter or son has been begging you to go camping – in a tent. Maybe you know little – OK, absolutely nothing if you’re brutally honest – about tent camping. You might be willing to try it and would love to spend outdoors time with your kid or kids. But still the fear of a total disaster keeps you at home, or in a best-case scenario, taking lots of day trips.
  • No matter how old you are, you never get tired of hearing your birth story.
  • Trip planning’s a breeze at website for federal locations
    It’s never too early to start thinking about fun summer activities and vacation. Where will you go? When? Wouldn’t it be sweet if there happened to be just one website with all kinds of planning help?
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