The primary is over and again, a disappointing turnout and a very important election coming up in less than two months. Are you happy with the way our representatives are doing in Washington? I certainly am not, however the only way to change this, is to elect people who can truly make those changes happen.

I know most of the answers I get are: What good does it do to vote? Our vote doesn’t count, I don’t like who is in office or running for that office so I am staying home. The excuses are just a few and I am sure there are many more.

Our armed forces died fighting wars for the many freedoms we have and one of them is to vote and have your say of whom you want representing you in Washington and in our state of Minnesota. Don’t rely on the newspaper, TV media, and campaign commercials to make your decisions on whom to vote for or even to stay home. The way is to become knowledgeable about the voting records of the ones in office and find out if they truly represented you, If you are satisfied with the answers, vote to keep them in and if not, vote to replace the incumbent. The important thing is to do your homework and vote.


Dolores Link