I would like to share our state Representative Greg Davids’ record of times he proposed and voted for property tax relief in our district.

HF3167, A12 Amendment - renters credit for farmers renting agricultural land.

HF3167, A43 Amendment - property tax relief for women-owned businesses.

HF677, A103 Amendment - $29 million in additional homeowner property tax relief.

HF677, A104 Amendment property tax relief increase of $14.6 million: increased agriculture homestead market value credit.

HF677, A106 Amendment - increase property tax relief, plus the very important 5 percent rate increase to nursing homes (HF.3172), which occurred this April.

Greg Davids’ voting record proves he has worked hard for us. He cares for us and we need him to continue as our state representative. Thank you, Greg!

Thank you,

Carole Yenter,