Minnesota is a leader in percentage of voters, but sometimes we elect (or re-elect) a career politician when a statesman (or stateswoman) is running against him.  Career politician Greg Davids is running yet again, although he was once replaced by a true public servant for one term.  We need to rid ourselves of Fillmore County's very own corporation-supported EMH (Economic Hit Man).

A corporation exists only on paper.  It is a human construct given "personhood" rights, including "money-speak." Unlimited money can be put into campaigning, for instance, using four-color printing and sent to every Fillmore County resident. I sometimes receive more than one "advertisement" for Davids.

His opponent? No one seems to know when I ask fellow voting-age residents. We have civic obligation to the state of Minnesota to vote him out.

I wonder what God thinks of his latest public-money project....the 50,000-plus capacity cemetery already started. The site was once described by a nun as serene.

Vote God or vote Greed, but be counted. God is counting the voters, too, you know.

Barbara Upton