AUGUST 17, 2017, 7 P.M.

Routine Items

I. Call to Order at 7:00 by Dave Ruen. In attendance were Dave Ruen, Lolly Melander, Christine Troendle, Terri Scott, Dave Lawstuen, Matt Schultz and Heidi Brown.

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Approve Agenda: Move Lawstuen, 2nd Melander, Motion Carried

IV. Public Input: NONE

V. Approve Minutes: Move Melander, 2nd Troendle, Motion Carried

VI. Approve Expenditures: Move Melander, 2nd Lawstuen, Motion Carried


VII. Board Reports: Park Road update – Moved to Action Item

VIII. Superintendent’s Report: Bleacher inspection passed, fire alarm inspection passed, $25,000 grant from Monsanto for technology purchase, we are still looking for substitute bus drivers if anyone is interested.

IX. Other Reports: Heidi Brown – Lanesboro Child Care Center: Construction of new daycare space is wrapping up, classrooms will be moved back in next week, 20 infant, 25 toddler and 45 school age. We have nearly doubled our capacity.

Action Items

X. Personnel:

A. Approve new hires:

1. Stena Lieb – 1.0 K-12 Art

2. Tony Johnson - .5 Social Studies/Physical Education

3. Dana Norby – 1.0 High School Special Education

Moved Scott, 2nd Troendle, Motion Carried

B. Approval of 2016 certified and non-certified existing contracts. Moved Lawstuen, 2nd Scott, Motion Carried

C. Approval of 2016 Fall Extra-Curricular Contracts

1. James Semmen – football

2. Julie Schreiber – Volleyball

3. Ellen Cullen – Cross-Country

Moved Lawstuen, 2nd Melander, Motion Carried

D. Approval of resignations – Jim Gladis – remove contingency. Moved Scott, 2nd Melander, Motion Carried.

XI. Old Items

A. 2nd reading and approval of policies

1. 404 – Employment Background Checks

2. 709 – Student Transportation Safety

3. 721 – Uniform Grant Guidance

Moved Troendle, 2nd Lawstuen, Motion Carried

XII. New Items

A. Approval of adopting the Hiawatha Valley Education District’s Restrictive Procedures for Lanesboro Public Schools during the 2017-2018 school year

Moved Melander, 2nd Scott, Motion Carried

B. Approval of Lanesboro Public Schools Crisis Management Policy

Moved Troendle, 2nd Lawstuen, Motion Carried.

Informational Items

XIII. Informational Items

A. First Reading Policies:

1. 516 – Student Medication

2. 520 – Student Surveys

3. 521 – Student Disability Nondiscrimination

B. Levy Certification Process Update – will be ready for Initial Levy Certification in September

Routine Items

XIV. Other:

A. Discussion on Park Road Project

1. Approval of “School has agreed to pay 35% of road reconstruction from the south side of city parking lot to the connection to Fillmore/Kirkwood, not to exceed $83,000. This is a one time exception and will not be a basis for future road improvements.”

Moved Lawstuen, 2nd Scott, Motion Carried

XV. Adjourned at 7:31 p.m.; Motion Lawstuen, 2nd Scott, Motion Carried.