Devin Troendle represents the Wolves against La Crescent last Thursday at 138 pounds. He defeated Mitchell Roberts of La Crescent, 13-3.
Devin Troendle represents the Wolves against La Crescent last Thursday at 138 pounds. He defeated Mitchell Roberts of La Crescent, 13-3. KRISTI RUEN/NEWS LEADER

Fillmore Central/Lanesboro/Mabel-Canton Wolves was a busy wrestling squad this past week, competing in three triangulars.  The Wolves went 1-5 in the duals, picking up their second win of the season against Waukon. 

Here are all of the results from those double-duals with notes for each contest.

Waseca 42 FCLMC 18, Saturday, Jan. 27

Only four contested matches in this dual.  Eric Kunz got a win along with forfeits for Caleb Kunz and Michael Barrett.

106 lbs.: Mason  Gehloff (W) over Bradon Knutson, Fall, 1:58;

113 lbs.: Luke  Osweiler (W) over Cale  Anderson, Dec 7-2;

120 lbs.: Dayton  Deutsch (W) over Caden  Anderson, Dec 7-1;

160 lbs.: Eric  Kunz over Daniel  Kuhns (W), Fall 1:59;

Double forfeits at 126, 152 and 170.

Waseca got forfeit wins at 132, 138, 182, 220 and 285.

FCLMC got forfeit wins at 145 (Caleb Kunz) and 195 (Michael Barrett).

Pine Island 52 FCLMC  15, Saturday, Jan. 27

Again, only four contested matches, with FCLMC going 1-3 in those.  Bradon Knutson got the only “wrestling” win. 

106 lbs.: Bradon Knutson over Luke  Williams (PI), Dec 5-4;

145 lbs.: Mason Pike (PI) over Caleb Kunz, Dec 2-0;

160 lbs.: Broghan Kunz (PI) over Eric  Kunz, Dec 3-0;

195 lbs.: Tanner Simon (PI) over Michael Barrett, MD,16-2;

Pine Island got forfeit wins at 126, 132, 138, 170, 182, 220, and 285;

Double forfeit at 152.

FCLMC got forfeit wins at 113 (Cale Anderson) and 120 (Caden Anderson).

Lake City 52 FCLMC 12, Thursday, Jan. 25

FCLMC was able to put 10 wrestlers on the mat in this contest, getting wins from the Anderson brothers at 113 and 120. Kuhn got the other points for the Wolves with a forfeit at 182.

106 lbs.: Mason West (LC) over Bradon Knutson (FCLMC) (Fall 3:03);

113 lbs.: Cale  Anderson (FCLMC) over Nash Nelson (LC) (Dec 2-1);

120 lbs.: Caden  Anderson  (FCLMC) over Joey Kozlowski (LC) (SV-1 6-4);

126 lbs.: Luke Skifton (LC) over Carter  Hovland (FCLMC) (Fall 1:37);

132 lbs.: Tanner Frank (LC) over Brady Dutton (FCLMC) (Fall 3:52);

138 lbs.: Harold Schumacher (LC) over Devin Troendle (FCLMC) (Fall 3:49);

145 lbs.: Derek Meincke (LC) over Caleb Kunz (FCLMC) (MD 8-0);

160 lbs.: Thomas Frank (LC) over Eric  Kunz (FCLMC) (Dec 13-9);

195 lbs.: Ivan Vargas (LC) over Michael Barrett (FCLMC) (Dec 5-0);

285 lbs.: Gabe Vargas (LC) over Stefan Nikoloski (FCLMC) (Fall 1:12);

Double forfeit at 220.  Lake City got forfeit wins at 152 and 170.  FCLMC got a forfeit win at 182 (Sebastian Kuhn).

La Crescent 39 FCLMC 34, Thursday, Jan. 25

FCLMC kept this match close with 24 points in forfeits.  There were seven contested matches and FCLMC came up with two wins from Devin Troendle and Michael Barrett. 

106 lbs.: Joey Schreier (LaC) over Bradon Knutson (FCLMC) (MD 14-1);

132 lbs.: Andy Lopez (LaC) over Brady Dutton (FCLMC) (TF 20-3 5:15).

138: Devin Troendle (FCLMC) over Mitchell Roberts (LaC) (MD 13-3)

145: Dylan Worrel (LaC) over Caleb Kunz (FCLMC) (Fall 5:35)

182: Clayton Jorgenson  (LaC) over Sebastian Kuhn (FCLMC) (Fall 1:32)

195: Michael Barrett (FCLMC) over Will Kowalski (LaC) (Fall 0:16)

220: Zach Bolyard  (LaC) over Stefan Nikoloski (FCLMC) (Fall 2:46)

Double forfeit at 285

FCLMC got forfeit wins at 113 (Cale Anderson), 120 (Caden Anderson), 126 (Carter Hovland) and 160 (Eric Kunz).

La Crescent got forfeit wins at 152 and 170.

St. Charles 51 FCLMC 9, Tuesday, Jan. 23

              There were 10 matches in this dual, but the Wolves could only come up with two wins at 113 (Anderson) and 126 (Hovland).  The good thing is, the team is putting wrestlers on the mat.

106: Jett Thoreson (StC) over Bradon Knutson (FCLMC) (MD 13-0)

113: Cale  Anderson (FCLMC) over Brady Koeppel (StC) (Fall 3:50)

120: Tyler Mathison (StC) over Caden  Anderson  (FCLMC) (MD 13-5)

126: Carter  Hovland (FCLMC) over Connor Simon (StC) (Dec 7-2)

132: Mark Buringa (StC) over Brady Dutton (FCLMC) (Fall 1:05)

138: Gaige Buss (StC) over Devin Troendle (FCLMC) (Fall 4:47)

145: Jersey Thoresen (StC) over Caleb Kunz (FCLMC) (MD 11-1)

160: Joe Dayland (StC) over Eric  Kunz (FCLMC) (Dec 13-7)

195: Logan Wendt (StC) over Michael Barrett (FCLMC) (Fall 5:24)

220: Teagan  Young (StC) over Stefan Nikoloski (FCLMC) (Fall 1:40)

Double forfeits at 170 and 182

St. Charles got forfeit wins at 152 and 285.

FCLMC 45 Waukon 33, Tuesday, Jan. 23

              FCLMC only forfeited three weight classes as the guys picked up their second dual meet win of the season.  Coming up with wins for the Wolves were Knutson, Anderson, Anderson, Kunz and Kunz. A total of 18 points on forfeits didn’t hurt either. 

106: Bradon Knutson (FCLMC) over Marcus Gibbs (WAUK) (Fall 2:57)

113: Cale  Anderson (FCLMC) over Dakota Howe (WAUK) (Fall 3:47) 

126: Caden  Anderson  (FCLMC) over Tyler Block (WAUK) (Dec 7-4)

132: Lance Egan (WAUK) over Brady Dutton (FCLMC) (Dec 8-1)

138: Miles Hansmeier (WAUK) over Devin Troendle (FCLMC) (Fall 3:44)

145: Caleb Kunz (FCLMC) over Walkier Hermeire (WAUK) (Fall 1:54)

160: Eric  Kunz (FCLMC) over Carter Benzing (WAUK) (Fall 4:42)  

195: Landon Berns (WAUK) over Sebastian Kuhn (FCLM) (Fall 3:11)

FCLMC got forfeit wins at 120 (Orion Sass), 220 (Michael Barrett) and 285 (Stefan Nikoloski).

Waukon got forfeit wins at 152, 170 and 182.

              The schedule shows FCLMC wrestlers only have two dates left in the regular season, at Dover-Eyota for a double-dual with the Eagles and Plainview-Elgin-Millville on Friday, Feb. 2, and a dual meet with Chatfield on Thursday, Feb.8.  After that, the tournaments get started with the section team tournament kicking off on Thursday, Feb. 15.