Mina (Novella Meisner) swoons for Dracula (Craig Cornell) in the first night performance of "Dracula: The Musical?"
Mina (Novella Meisner) swoons for Dracula (Craig Cornell) in the first night performance of "Dracula: The Musical?"
It’s a musical you can sink your fangs into.

“This ‘Dracula’ is a farce and will be something the whole family can enjoy. It is a cross between Mel Brooks and ‘The Addams Family,’ and most definitely a comedy. The neat part is it follows the original plot of ‘Dracula,’ but it makes it funny instead of scary,” explained Novella Meisner, who is co-directing Brave Community Theatre’s “Dracula, the Musical” with Char Carlson.

The community is invited to take a bite of the production, slated for Wednesday, Aug. 17, through Saturday, Aug. 20, at the Spring Valley Community Center as part of the Spring Valley Ag Days celebration.

The show, written by playwright Jack Sharkey under the pen name “Rick Abbot,” features several well-known BCT performers and a few newcomers to the BCT stage.

“This cast consists of eight very talented people that are a joy to work with,” said Meisner. “We all work really well together and are just having a great time getting this together for the citizens of Spring Valley and surrounding areas.”

The characters and cast include Dr. Sam Seward, the genial proprietor of a madhouse – brought to the stage by Bruce Adams; Sophie Seward, played by Julie Mlinar; Mina Seward, the doctor’s discontented daughter, portrayed by Meisner; Bubu Padoop, a frisky friend of the family played by Sarah Kohn; madhouse maid Nellie Norton – brought to the stage by Marcy Capelle; Boris Renfield, one of Sam’s peculiar patients portrayed by Rob Johnson; Dr. Van Helsing, a stalwart vampire exterminator brought to life through the talents of Jeff Thauwald; and Count Dracula, a toothy newcomer to the neighborhood played by Craig Cornell. Shelly Cornell is the mirror, and Bob Capelle is the stagehand.

Meisner is directing the music and is finding that it has its peculiarities not found in other shows.

The music for “Dracula, the Musical” is quite different, said Meisner, as there are mainly solos and duets, but no big group numbers.

“The music is the hardest part about this show,” she said. “There are no songs that are ‘known’, and they are not easy to learn.”

She and fellow BCT thespian Carlson have designed the set for “Dracula” and Thauwald, Cornell and Pete Stier are helping make it become reality.

“It is a great cast, and everyone is helping in one way or another,” said Meisner. “Pete will be taking care of sound and special effects. There will not be as many special effects as there were in ‘Snow White’ and in ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ but the ones we have will be awesome.”

Since the show is a farce of a scary story, the director promised that audiences will love the one-liners spun off by the characters.

“Everyone, all ages, will laugh and have fun at this show,” she said. “I hope the audience will have as much fun watching as we have had putting it together, that they will appreciate that this is a labor of love and that everyone doing this has volunteered their time and talents to put this on.”

“Dracula, the Musical” will take the BCT stage at 7 p.m. during its run this week from Wednesday through Saturday. Tickets are available at Sunshine Foods in Spring Valley for $15 per adult and $10 for children 12 and under as well as seniors 65 and over, with a $1 discount for those who wear an Ag Days button.

More information is available at https://sites.google.com/site/bravecommunityspringvalley/