People will be able to see how high they can climb or track their fastest baseball pitch Sunday in South Park during Ag Days.

“Inflatables are always fun, and fun to watch, too, so we’re having an inflatable rock wall...and a baseball speed check radar,” said Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce member Stacey Rath.

The chamber is renting the two units for Ag Days from Kid Again Inflatables. The climbing wall and speed check pitching radar will be available for everyone to try out at South Park on Sunday, Aug. 21, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The activities are open to all ages, said Rath, although they are geared to an older audience than the other inflatables sponsored by Kingsland Early Childhood Family Education. Admission for these inflatables will be noted at the entrance.

“The chamber thought it would be great for kids of all ages to have some entertainment,” said Rath. “We want people of all ages to enjoy the festivities, and we want to see who is the strongest of the strong to climb the rock wall.”

The indoor-outdoor inflatable rock climbing wall is 22 feet high and features three climbing stations with an auto-belay safety tether system, as well as fully-adjustable harnesses, meaning that kids both big and little or those who have or have not tried rock wall climbing can give it their best to reach the top. Rath stated that Kid Again staff will be on hand to assist climbers with their safety equipment.

The baseball radar speed check unit allows pitchers to test their speed with the inflatable cage and a radar gun. According to the Kid Again Inflatables, the backdrop has a catcher’s mitt target, and the radar gun will display how fast a pitcher throws the baseball.

“The baseball radar is for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, and it’s fun to see your own speed and see who you can throw faster than,” said Rath. “It’s a friendly competition between friends, and fun for all ages. We want to see how fast you can throw, and with the softball games at the park, it’s also a great time to let those guys throw against each other. Definitely fun for all ages.”