Bluff Country will be in bloom Friday, Aug. 19.

“We’ve got flowers from our own gardens and from the roadsides, too…we’re trying to portray what flowers are found in Bluff Country,” said Spring Valley Garden Club member Ruth Lemke, sharing about the club’s upcoming Ag Days flower show, “A Tour of Bluff Country.”

The show, featuring the blooms from area back yards and from the back roads as well, is set for Friday, Aug. 19, at the Spring Valley Senior Living (SVSL) Estates Assisted Living apartments on Memorial Drive in Spring Valley.

Some of the categories of the Bluff Country theme include “bluffs, caves and forests,” “Root River,” “scenic byways and recreational trails,” “Amish,” “resorts and camping,” “wineries and antiques,” “farming” – which includes animals, farm products and produce, and “town festivals,” such as arrangements with an Ag Days theme.

“We’ve done this show for quite a few years. It’s at the Estates because the residents love it, there’s a place big enough to spread out our displays in the great room,” said Lemke. “I love to create, and so do several other club members. I love to create arrangements, to gather flowers…and that has to be done last-minute, but it’s fun.”

People seem to look forward to the annual show, noted Lemke, as the club has had a lot of compliments on it. The members also enjoy having the crowd come to the show, which will include music by JJ’s Pickup Band.

Spring Valley Senior Living director Penny Solberg added that it’s a chance for residents of SVSL to blossom as well.

“From the Spring Valley Senior Living’s perspective, it’s an ideal location for the community to come to the Estates and experience the flower show put on by the garden club, allowing tenants and residents of this campus to participate and enjoy members of the community visiting our campus,” she said. “The interaction of members of the community with the tenants and residents, as well as the beautiful flower arrangements that are in the show are wonderful for our community. There is plenty of room to be able to display all of the flower arrangements, with plenty of space for the public to view them at their leisure. The flower show is a great event to check out, and SVSL enjoys hosting community events and would encourage more use of our great room for specialty community events.”

Before and after the flower show, the Spring Valley Garden Club keeps busy preparing to keep Spring Valley’s outdoor flowers well-groomed and watered, Lemke stated. The garden club is looking for new members to take care of the club’s downtown flower tubs, the beds at the post office, the park, the visitors’ center, the flagpole in the middle of town, the cemetery entrance and at the east entrance to town.

“A lot of our club is elderly, so we’re looking for people who would like to join the club or help water plants, weed around the beds and maybe help with planting during the summer, even if they don’t join the club,” explained Lemke. “We have three volunteers around town we can call if we need someone to water the plants, and we also buy our plants for the downtown tubs from the FFA class at the high school. We’re looking for young members who can help with watering – that’s a big job – and if there’s somebody out there who has ideas or projects and would like to help us out, we’ll welcome them.”

The Spring Valley Garden Club’s “Tour of Bluff Country” flower show will take place at the Spring Valley Estates Assisted Living on Friday, Aug. 19, from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. The quickest way to reach the show is through the Estates entrance, with parking in the southeast side of the parking lot. For more information on the show or lending a hand to the garden club’s members, call Ruth Lemke at 507-346-7574.