This is your chance to zip it, and to get stuck so your friends can rip you off. 

“The zip line is for anyone who wants to be a little adventurous and go on a thrill ride, and the Velcro wall is a fun challenge to see how high you can jump…and the fun of being stuck to a wall,” said Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce member Stacey Rath, inviting anyone who wants to learn to fly or experience levitation to stop at South Park on Sunday, Aug. 20, to try out the inflatable Velcro wall and zip line.       

The 80-foot-long zip line that Ag Days organizers rented from Kid Again Inflatables stands 20 feet tall at the top and descends to a nice, poufy landing at the bottom.  Participants climb up an inflated staircase to begin an 80-foot zip line adventure. 

“Grab the handlebar, pull your knees to your chest and go!  Experience the exhilarating thrill of zooming down our zip line like you are Indiana Jones.  After zipping down the 80-foot cable, let go and you’ll fall onto our soft inflatable mattress,” was the description of the experience on the Kid Again website.

There are height requirements for the zip line – the smallest rider should be at least 50 inches tall. The game is perfect for school-aged children to full-grown adults.  Anyone looking for an adrenaline-charged rush will want to ride over and over again, noted the website.  

The Velcro wall will do for anyone who’d like to just hang out for a moment or two in a “human trap.”  Participants dress up in a full-length Velcro suit, get a running start and launch themselves from an air trampoline onto a Velcro-covered wall.  The objective is to stick to the wall at the highest point possible. 

“Your friends will rip you off the wall, and you’re ready to go again,” noted the website.  “It’s great fun for young and old alike.” 

Rath cited that there are height and weight requirements for the inflatables, but that the Ag Days committee members chose to bring them to town because they appealed to such a wide range of Ag Days celebrants.  The cost is $2 per inflatable, and that fee is to cover part of the cost of the inflatables, which will be at South Park on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.