The mission of ECFE (early childhood family education) is to strengthen families through the education and support of all parents in providing the best possible environment for the healthy growth and development of their children.

We conduct sessions that include:

• Parent and child time: Children have the opportunity to play and learn with new friends. As a parent, you watch how your child plays with others. You and your child will take home projects you make together.

• Parent Time: Share parenting skills and ideas with other parents. Gather new and up-to-date information on topics that relate to your child's development. Meet other parents from the area, and form a support network.

• Educational Materials: We have a lending library loaded with books for parents and hands-on activities for children. We have music, books, toys and more!

• Special Family Events: We will offer play dates, and special activities geared toward families with young children. There will also be times throughout the year that we will have guest speakers, singers, gym times, or family dinners

One Block at A Time Day Care

Mission: To provide children with successful starts through healthy, nurturing learning environments. The following information is to provide you, as parents/guardians, the basis of our procedures and policies.

Program objectives are to provide a warm, nurturing environment that encourages the development of the child. Our child care center seeks to provide a physically safe and emotionally secure setting.

Children can explore and experiment with a variety of materials and experiences, in a supportive, confidence-building atmosphere that promotes physical, emotional, intellectual, creative, and social growth.

Our professional staff is responsible for planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate curriculum for this age level.

An outline of the responsibilities that these broad goals include:

• To provide an environment that is based on successful experiences, which encourages all children to develop a healthy self-concept and a positive self esteem.

• To develop responsibility for one's own actions, in self-help, health, safety, and interpersonal areas, and to exercise appropriate independence. To provide an environment that provides the child with the opportunity to learn by doing - moving from concrete, hands-on experiences to more abstract concepts development.

• To provide opportunities for a lifetime of creative living and learning.

• To encourage creativity by offering many kinds of materials and frequent experiences in music, art, drama, literature, and oral skills.

• To facilitate intellectual development by widening the child's experience in order to increase knowledge, basic concepts, and skills.

• All children have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. In order for this to occur centers must maintain an environment free of racial or gender role bias, stereotype, or prejudice.

You are encouraged to call Day Care Director Kathy Tesmer at (507) 765-3809 or leave a message at the school offices and we'll get back to you in a timely manner.

School Readiness

School readiness (preschool) classes are held for 3-5 year olds. These include morning sessions for 3- and 4-year-olds and morning and afternoon sessions for 4- and 5-year-olds, including possible transportation.

These classes in pre-learning involve activities to stimulate the youngster's thinking, and enrich his/her social development.

Classes also provide activities that promote the development in pre-math, pre-literacy, pre-science and language skills.

If you have any questions please community Holly Kanengieter, Community Education Director.


The Early Childhood Special Education Program is for those students, ages 3-7, that need special assistance and early training for developmental delay. It offers a nurturing and caring program at Fillmore Central Elementary.

This program allows early support for both the family and the child to focus on the specific needs that a child may have. If you have any questions please call the ECSE coordinator at (507) 765-3843.

School Age Care (SAC)

This community education program is designed to provide a safe and supervised environment for children in kindergarten through grade 6.

SAC offers a variety of activities to channel children's energies into positive growing experiences. SAC will focus on the following goals for a child:

1. To develop new friendships and work together in cooperative group situations.

2. To gain respect for themselves, others and property.

3. To develop self-confidence.

4. To provide a safe, caring, trusting and relaxed environment conducive to fun and adventure.

5. To provide trained, caring and respectful staff who understand the importance of a stable setting that meets the developmental needs of children.