The decision on who wins the race for mayor of Peterson will come down to the Peterson Canvassing Board.

Write-in candidate Tim Hallum appears to have enough votes to unseat incumbent Jennifer Wood, but variations of his name were written in, thus preventing a clear consensus. Taking the write-ins that closely reflect his name, the total is 66 votes, which is five more than Wood’s 61. However, election judges tallied the variations on separate lines, thus not assuring Hallum of a clear majority.

According to state statute, misspelling or abbreviations of the names of write-in candidates shall be disregarded if the individual for whom the vote was intended can be clearly ascertained from the ballot.

The Peterson Canvassing Board will meet to determine the official results of the election.

In the election of two council members, there was no opposition as Gail Barnard-Boyum had 77 votes and Dave Colbenson had 83 votes. There were 39 write-in votes.