Brianna Hindt

Brianna Hindt has found many benefits from her membership in the Spring Valley-Wykoff FFA chapter and not all of them revolve around agriculture. 

She lives on a beef farm with six goats and five dogs, but her supervised agricultural experience (SAE) takes her into town where she works in the Spring Valley Living business office. The senior, who is also an avid volleyball player, has been in FFA since seventh grade.

As part of FFA, she is involved in the nursery and landscape career development event (CDE), helps with Urban Ag, which involves teaching young city residents about agriculture, and helps with the annual corn drive. 

“FFA gives me a lot of opportunities to meet new people, and when we do Urban Ag, teach the younger children about FFA,” she said. “FFA helps me with my communication skills…I also live on a farm and hope to start one someday.  I like going to the schools in Rochester for Urban Ag and teaching the kids about FFA, and having the opportunity to learn more about agriculture and leadership skills.  FFA makes me really look at the bigger picture and opens my horizons on many things…it helps me come out of my shell and work on things that I would not have had to deal with.” 

In addition to being part of the nursery and landscape CDE, Hindt is conducting a SAE through her job at Spring Valley Living where she works in the business office. 

“I have learned how to talk to people and I have expanded my mathematics skills,” she said. “It was a really easy project for me.”       

After graduation, Hindt has plans of attending college at Mankato State University.  She noted that being in FFA helps with scholarships because it shows good leadership. She hasn’t decided her career plans yet, but said it likely won’t be an agriculture-based profession, so she probably won’t stay in FFA in college.

If she could do her high school FFA experience over, she said she probably would have tried a few more things, become an officer and done a different CDE. However, her years in FFA were worth it and she recommends FFA membership to other students.

“It is really fun and gives you many opportunities to meet new people,” said Hindt. “It may not look like it is fun, but there are many things you do to interact and get to know many people – not just from your chapter, but from other schools.”