Madison Reiland
Madison Reiland

Madison Reiland’s supervised agricultural experience (SAE) covers a wide variety of dairy activities, from picking rock to taking care of vaccinations.

The Kingsland sophomore, who has been a member of the Spring Valley-Wykoff FFA chapter for four years, works on her family’s dairy farm repairing machinery, as well as tending to dairy cattle for her current SAE of dairy placement. 

“I feed and vaccinate calves and heifers, as well as work in the field picking rock and helping to harvest haylage. I have learned how to properly diagnose and distribute vaccinations, run and repair machinery, and how to do manual labor like rock picking,” stated Reiland.

“This SAE fit perfectly into what I already did on the farm before I joined FFA.  It teaches me to put in the work to accomplish a task.  If I hadn’t learned that in my SAE, I probably would have never learned it,” she said.

And thanks to FFA, she’s grateful for “all of the amazing leadership opportunities that the organization offers” as she is involved in Urban Ag, which involves teaching young city residents about agriculture, participates in the meats career development event (CDE) and serves as co-reporter for the chapter. 

“FFA helps me pursue things I’m interested in by preparing me for a potential career in agriculture through CDEs,” said Reiland. “Also, interviewing for an officer position helps you build your interviewing skills for potential job interviews.” 

FFA has taken her to Indianapolis for the national convention as well as to Hackensack for the state Greenhand camp in June to grow her leadership skills. In July, she plans to go to Washington, D.C., for another leadership conference. 

“FFA develops leadership skills that you don’t learn in the classroom,” said Reiland. 

“FFA is very important to me.  It is the one organization that let me be the person I always aspired to be,” she added. “It will help me find my interests and decide what career choice to take.” 

Reiland feels her FFA experience will also help her get into college because to achieve different degrees or offices, she has to fill out an application just like she would for a college application.  More importantly, she said she wouldn’t be the same person if she never took part in FFA.

“I want to keep inspiring members in the FFA, not just throughout my high school career, but throughout my life.  I would tell them, ‘Don’t be afraid to sign up for a CDE or a chapter activity because you may really enjoy it,” said Reiland. “FFA is an amazing organization that you can find your true self in if you apply yourself.”