Makala Nauman
Makala Nauman

Got FFA and milk?

“I currently work at Heusinkveld Farms, which I love. I milk cows, and it is a great education in learning about dairy,” stated Kingsland junior Makala Nauman, a member of the Spring Valley-Wykoff FFA chapter since seventh grade. 

The chapter’s sentinel elaborated that “both my brothers were in FFA, and I thought it would be fun to join,” and that by doing so, she’s encountered far more about the dairy industry than she’d ever imagined. 

“I’ve been in many projects throughout my time. My favorite part of FFA is the CDEs (career development events). I’m in dairy foods, which helps me understand my job milking,” she commented, adding that she enjoys meeting new people and “learning things for the real world,” such as how udderly in love she is with spending her time with a parlor full of cows.     

FFA has taken her to various different conferences, events and farms, and she noted that she might not have gotten to kid around if she hadn’t chosen to join FFA. “We have gone to a goat farm in the summer, which I never thought I would.  Right now, we are mostly focusing on FFA Week and our CDEs,” she said.

FFA is “very important” to Nauman and “has helped me shape who I am. I have learned a lot through the years, which has helped me. FFA has shaped me and taught me how to be responsible throughout high school and outside of school.  I plan to go to Riverland Community College, and I may become an FFA alumni and donate to them. I want to go into something involving dairy – I love my job, and it’s what I’m interested in.” 

She concluded, “FFA is really fun and a great learning experience, and it will definitely help you in the real world.”