Matt Woods can blame — or, rather, thank — his sister.

“I joined because my sister was in it and it seemed fun,” stated Woods, a Kingsland 10th grader who has been a part of the Spring Valley-Wykoff FFA chapter since his seventh grade year. 

Now that he’s two-thirds of the way through his high school career, he certainly has no regrets for making the decision to do what his sister did. 

“On a scale of one to 10, it’s a 10,” he remarked, adding that he has been a member of the ag mechanics career development event (CDE) team, served as leader of several committees within the organization and also gained leadership skills.  “It shows you teamwork and how to have fun.  It has made me step up and take leadership of things, has opened my eyes and taught me to listen to other people.  My favorite part is the CDEs because you can mess around, but take it seriously, too.”

He feels that he has accomplished quite a bit while in FFA, and though he could choose to remain a member as part of the alumni, he feels he’s going to be too busy growing a business as a diesel mechanic. 

“I want to be a diesel mechanic because I’ve always liked working hands-on with stuff,” said Woods.  “But if you’re in FFA, go do as much as you can do.  It’s a good time.”