Stephanie Miner
Stephanie Miner

Stephanie Miner once had greenhands. 

She’s now got full FFA.

“I went to Greenhand Camp and State Greenhand Leadership Conference,” related the Kingsland sophomore, who joined Spring Valley-Wykoff’s chapter of FFA last year as a freshman.

She related that she joined FFA “because my sister was in it and a lot of my friends joined.”  Participation in FFA has gotten her out and about, including to Greenhand Camp, where she learned some of the basics of being an FFAer, and it’s also introduced her to supervised ag experiences (SAE) and career development events (CDE) where she gets to meet people she might not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet. 

“I like being able to interact with new people when we go to competitions, and I get to learn new things…I get to learn about agriculture,” she said.   

Miner has worked in the FFA concession stands during school events and has also taken on other projects that help her develop responsibility and leadership skills.   She commented that the rewards are in the work she does through FFA. 

“It helps you work for what you want, and you have to be dedicated and commit time to work for it…it has taught me responsibility and leadership,” she said.

Though graduation is two years away, Miner has plans for her future that will be greatly influenced by membership in FFA as she would like to join the Marines “because it is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

She concluded that being a member of FFA is “one of the top things I like to do.”