Don’t be clue-less: It’s buck-hunting season!

“It’s our fifth annual treasure hunt, and there are eight clues.  Hopefully the treasure will be found…the winner gets $100 in Wykoff dollars,” said Mary Sackett, speaking of the annual Wykoff Fall Fest treasure hunt which brings families and friends together to search for the “treasure” for which Sackett leaves clues around town, all so that the hunters can win the big bucks courtesy of the Wykoff Business Association.

The hunt is slated for Saturday, Sept. 26, throughout Wykoff’s public and business zones.

“There will be a clue every hour from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., and if it’s not found by 4, then people are supposed to watch for more clues,” Sackett explained. “People can hunt on their own, in groups, with their families – it’s amazing what different people get together to go on the treasure hunt.  It’s fun to do as a group or alone, and the treasure will always be on public property – never on private yards or homes — and that can include the bank property. It will never be more than 10 feet up.

“I’m not telling what the treasure will be, but people will know it when they find it.  They can turn it in at the Bank Gift Haus if they find it.  Sometimes I have done some false ‘finds’…it looks like you’ve found it, but it’s something else, like something you can turn in at the Short Stop for a bottle of Coke…I don’t know if I’m doing that this year.”

Regarding the hunt itself, she stated, “I want everybody to have the same opportunity.”

The family that buck-hunts together stays together, according to Sackett, who noted that they just might have to stay together as a team beyond Fall Fest if the treasure isn’t found.

“People really get into this; they bring their kids and their grandkids,” she said.  “Last year, it took over a month to find all the clues.  It’s a great way to have fun with your family or a group.”

The Wykoff Fall Fest treasure hunt gets off and running at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 26, rain or shine.  For more information — if Sackett is giving out any — call the Bank Gift Haus at (507) 352-4205.