She flies over the entire nation, but when her threads start to show, it’s time.

“We’ll be holding a flag-burning in the parking lot by the fire hall…the Veterans’ Park Committee will be holding it, and it’s just the proper way of getting rid of your flags,” stated Wykoff Veterans’ Memorial Committee member Harvey Schmidt, who acknowledged that Old Glory sometimes gets tattered enough that she must be retired. 

He shared that burning flags in a ceremony for flag disposal is the most respectful way to honor those that perished in pursuit of a nation that is free.  His research found there’s even a protocol for the brass that’s left behind – you’re supposed to bury it. 

“So we welcome anybody in town to bring their flags for proper disposal.  They can drop them off at city hall or bring them to the ceremony – I’ve got quite a few of my own,” said Schmidt. “We’ll do it in the Fire Hall parking lot, not by the veterans’ memorial, but people are welcome to tour the memorial after the ceremony.”

Schmidt pointed out that the ceremony is slated to begin at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 24, unless there’s significant rainfall.  He noted that the veterans’ memorial, located on the corner of Gold Street and Highway 80, is evolving as families purchase pavers to commemorate their loved ones’ service to the country and as the committee uses funds raised to make improvements, such as putting in new flower urns and pouring a concrete pad for the picnic table, with plans to someday install a bench at the memorial for visitors to enjoy as they peruse the names on the pavers.