The Houston County Fair Board announces the following winners for these contests and drawings:

150th anniversary button

Aug. 13: buttons #767, #2, #394, #163, and #999;

Aug. 14: #494, #1476, #1249, #1959, and #1858;

Aug. 15: #1921, #1710, #1520, #642, and #588;

Aug. 16: #7, #13, #828 #1999, and #1206; and

Aug. 17: #417, #660, #519, #701, and #733.

Winners should call (507) 725-3397 to collect their prizes.

Winner of the chain saw carved bench is #1543 and the two-night stay was #1549.

Diaper Derby contest

0-12 Months:

1st Aubryann Boldt

2nd Laurin Doering

3rd James VonArx

12-15 Months

1st Sean O'Heron

2nd Cooper Sylling

3rd John Lee

15-24 Months

1st Claire Schmitz

2nd William Hahn

3rd Braedan Wellendorf

Talent contest

Pre-Teen category

1st Sarah Brown

2nd Elizabeth Johnson

3rd Shae Alcamo

Teen category

1st Bian Heim

2nd Hannah and Marie Theisen

3rd Amelia Lidstrom

Open category

1st Angela VanLoon

2nd James and Mya Hagen

Red Hat contest

Whimsical category - Mary Jamesson

Roaring 20s - Ardys Esch

Best Hat - Phyllis Chiglo

Best Group - Wanda's Red Wonders

Best Decorated Birthday Cake contest

1st Nicki Burroughs

2nd Maria Stemper

3rd Heidi Waldenberger

Best Apple Pie contest

1st Mavis Moe

2nd Joan Ike

3rd Donna Luttchens

Best Hot Dish contest

1st Cindi VanLoon

2nd Patti Thompson

3rd Sandy Welscher

Best BBQ Meat contest

1st Chris Swain

2nd Jay Tollefson

Lego contest

8 & Under (Moving)

1st Tyler Wiebke

2nd Malachi Bunke

3rd Riley Cordes

9 & Up (Moving)

1st Forest Evenson

2nd Alex Grunwald

3rd Sam Stemper

8 & Under (Stationary)

1st Adrianna Reinhart/ and Nadia Gordon

2nd Maxwell Evenson

3rd Cameron Schroeder

9 & Up (Stationary)

1st Eli Custer

2nd Geoffry Bissen

3rd Graace Harmon

Edible Centerpiece contest

1st Mavis Moe

2nd Lois Stemper

3rd Anne Doering

Lunch Box Derby contest

1st Drew Stemper

2nd Carter Mann

3rd Riley Cordes

Best Oatmeal Cookie contest

1st. Sandy Langen

2nd. Nancy Dierson

3rd. Susan Kjome

4-H Planter contest

1st Jefferson Jets

2nd Portland Prairie

3rd Lazy Lopers

Kermit McFair Winners

1st Diane Opsahl

2nd Darlene Peterson

3rd Mark Johnson

4th - 11th: Jason Moldenhaur, Bonnie Heim, Cindi VanLoon, Kelly Schansberg, Angela Schansberg, Joanne Buxengard, Angela Engen, Linda Soland, and Allison Tolleson.

People's Choice Award

Clayton Rottman

The Ball/Kerr winners

Best Fruit is Amy Nutonie of La Crescent (blue only)

Best Vegetables is Kristi Rogich of Caledonia

Best Soft Spread is Sandy Langen of La Crescent

Best Pickles is Betty Schmitz of Caledonia

Demo Derby results

Full Size

1st Dusty Rask

2nd Jared Heaney

3rd Rachelle Shulze


1st Mike Lamb

2nd Ryan Stamer

3rd Jeremy Myhre


1st Allen Wunnecka

2nd Chris Deflorian

3rd Joe Schott

Special note

Houston County Fair Board members thanked all the spectators of the modified tractor pull who were so patient during the two-hour breakdown of the skid.

Lost and found

The following is a list of the lost items that were turned into the office: one cell phone, one TracFone, one wallet, and two purses. To claim, call (507) 725-3397.