According to the April 14 La Crosse Tribune, President Trump wants to axe the entire U.S. Department of Agriculture’s “water and waste disposal” grants and low-interest loans for rural communities like Spring Grove.

This is the fund that the city has targeted as a source for the water tower replacement (built in 1938), upgrade to the sewer plant (turning bathroom waste into potable water) to make the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s requirements, and to get the lead out of the city’s water pipes servicing our homes. All of this will cost at least $2 million to $3 million.

Since we owe close to $8 million (counting interest) that we are already paying for, federal grants are important to the city.

President Trump has always lived in New York City and been rich, so he doesn’t understand what it’s like in our world. Write him and tell him.

Recently, the City Council met in a session that was not broadcast on TV, and it adopted a priority of looking at housing needs.

The citizens I talk to say that the city’s first priority should be the sewer and water infrastructures. The council should list ALL of the city’s needs and their costs (street upgrades, electrical system modernization, etc.) and be transparent about these necessities and costs before getting into housing.

Incidentally, the two CEDA staff members, who drove around town to identify “vacant” lots, were not local. Since they aren’t local, they wouldn’t know that people bought double lots, and they’re not really vacant.

Nancy Nelson

Spring Grove