For the last four years, I have had the privilege of serving as your commissioner of District 5 in Houston County.

During my term, I promised to serve as both a common sense and fiscally responsible commissioner. I also promised to listen to everyone on both sides of any issue they may have and to act on it.

I feel that I followed through on these promises, but as in the case in government, not all my fellow commissioners would agree with my opinions.

During my term, I couldn’t break the 3-2 voting block against whatever I thought was right or wrong for our county. Therefore, I decided not to run again for another term.

Now it is time for me to give my endorsement for the individual I feel is the best candidate for my replacement as Commissioner of District 5. The person who I whole-heartedly endorse is Mr. Fred Arnold!

Mr. Arnold has attended most every commissioner meeting for the last two years – taking notes, asking questions and preparing himself for a possible election to a commissioner position.

He was on a citizen group that recommended that the county build the highway shop on the existing site at a fiscally responsible price. This, I agree with!

Fred sat in with the Board of Commissioners this summer as we tried to hammer out the budget for the next year and to set the levy for taxes.

Commission Justin Zmyewski and myself wanted to set the levy at zero percent increase, but we were voted down by our fellow commissioners.

Fred Arnold agrees with Justin and I that the taxpayers of this county cannot keep paying higher taxes, especially the people on fixed incomes and also the farmers.

Just about every issue impacting our county, Mr. Arnold and myself have the same opinion and resolve to do something about it.

So in summary, everything that I have done these last four years as commissioner, I have done to give you the citizens of Houston County, a common sense, fiscally responsible voice of reason for the betterment of all.

I would like to see that continue for four more years. Fred Arnold will ensure that will continue. On Tuesday, Nov. 8, vote for Fred Arnold to serve as Commissioner of District 5.

Dana Kjome

County Commissioner

Spring Grove