Michael Fields, Ken Tschumper, and a few of their friends have very strong opinions on what mining in Houston County should look like. I disagree with their vision, and I have been subjected to an angry barrage of false accusations.

The mining ordinance language that they proposed 13 months ago could have been used to shut down nearly all mining in the county. They proposed banning silica sand and quartz mining. Silica sand is in all of our sand mines, and quartz is present in some of our limestone quarries.

Houston County and the townships use approximately 300,000 tons of limestone aggregate and sand per year.

If county mines were closed or curtailed, the increased trucking costs from mines outside the county could easily add $5 per ton to sand and gravel costs.

That could translate into $1.5 million in additional spending per year for the county. That is enough money to build a new highway shop every 24 months.

If I am elected county commissioner, my votes will be based on what I believe is best for Houston County residents and taxpayers.

Facts will drive my decisions, not pressure from an individual or group.

Dan Griffin

Candidate for County Commissioner - District Five