My fellow Vietnam veterans, recently Republican Sen. John McCain, one of my heroes, came out and said, “Congress no longer has the credibility to independently tackle a probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and President Trump and his associates’ ties to Moscow.”

Regardless of your political affiliation, or whom you voted for, it’s apparent now that the Russians have been meddling in our affairs.

I want to remind you that the Russians helped kill our friends and fellow soldiers in Vietnam.

Consider this:

1) By the late 1960s, more than three-quarters of the military and technical equipment received by North Vietnam was coming from Moscow, equal to $2 million a day.

2) Moscow contributed weapons essential to North Vietnamese including radar systems, anti-aircraft artillery and surface-to-air missiles (SAMs). This is the stuff that shot McCain down and killed many airmen. Russia also supplied fighter aircraft, tanks and artillery as well as ammunition and small arms.

Vladimir Putin and his Russian henchmen are NOT our friends –they are not the friends of democracy nor freedom. They still kill to further their cause, and that cause today, seems to be infiltrating our democratic system of government.

Sen. McCain is asking for the formation of a select or special committee to look into this mess. So, we can sit on our hands or support our fellow Vietnam vet John McCain and contact our elected representatives and ask them to support a select committee.

It’s up to you! You fought for democracy once, how about defending it one more time!

Kevin Kelleher

Vietnam Vet 11th ACR

Air Cav Trp 68-69