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Thursday, July 13, 2017 2:17 PM
I’ve found something that motivates me more than a Fitbit to get my recommended steps in each day. It’s all natural, provides forceful reminders to get moving and even adds emotional benefits to daily walks.

  • Two years ago, I ended my column about the transition of this newspaper to new ownership with this thought: “I may have plans now, but I’ve learned over the years that nothing in life is predictable.”

    That is one of the few times I really knew what I was writing about. Today, I’m announcing that I’m back as sole owner of the Bluff Country Newspaper Group. Due to various reasons, things just didn’t work out and the transition to gradually transfer ownership reversed course a while ago. 

  • Who needs Fitbit when natural  step motivator is by your side?
    I’ve found something that motivates me more than a Fitbit to get my recommended steps in each day. It’s all natural, provides forceful reminders to get moving and even adds emotional benefits to daily walks.

  • Our towns may be ‘cool’ even if their community newspapers aren’t
    A list of “the 15 coolest towns in Minnesota you’ve probably never heard of” created quite a bit of excitement among area residents recently because three local communities were named. Spring Valley came in at No. 7, Chatfield was 12th and Rushford was 13th.

  • Local news reaches far in modern media environment
    It’s better than being featured in a tweet of President Trump, Kingsland Superintendent John McDonald told me last week about one of our news stories featured in a tweet of Vince Bertram.

  • Walking into darkness sheds  light on value of dedication
    I am often the first one in the office on weekdays except Monday and Tuesday when I come in early, just not early enough to be first. However, several weeks ago I walked into a dark building Monday morning during my usual arrival time. Even more unusual — there was no explanation for the lack of activity.

  • People in small communities  need to support each other
     A fellow newspaper publisher recently wrote a column about a business on the main street of his town turning down an ad for his special section on graduation because the business owner said he only advertises for special occasions, adding, “It’s not our job to support the local newspaper.” The comments to the sales rep made the publisher’s “blood boil,” he wrote.
  • Adventurous running friend  ends journey of lifetime too soon
    Reggie Oeltjen’s life was full of adventures. His final one — the Border to Border at 65 run cut short due to his death — was the adventure of a lifetime.
  • Luck plays a part in all of our lives, even if we won’t admit it plays a part
    A trap shooting team member at a local high school attributed his perfect score in a recent competition to luck when he was interviewed by one of our reporters. He was being modest as it isn’t an easy accomplishment since it had never been done in the history of the team. It appears he may also have been looking out for the team as he also mentioned in the interview that trap shooting at the high school level is a team sport, not an individual sport.
  • Minnesota should follow Edina’s lead in restricting access to tobacco
    Minnesota has always been a leader in enacting policies to attempt to curb smoking. In 1975, Minnesota became the first state to restrict smoking in most public spaces with the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act. In 2007, smoking restrictions were extended to all public places, including bars, bowling alleys and entire restaurants, with the Freedom to Breathe Act.
  • Stories enrich communities, even if they haven’t experienced devastation
    I just about broke down and cried on the streets of Oklahoma City Sunday. The near-breakdown was after mile 20 of a marathon, which has been known to make a grown man cry, but it wasn’t the physical exertion, at least not only the physical exertion, that nearly brought me to tears.
  • Experts say that 1 out of 4 accidents in the United States are caused by texting while behind the wheel. Texting and driving is six times more likely to cause an accident then if driving drunk. 
  • Just showing up is powerful
    The pages of our newspapers often feature community leaders, star athletes, outstanding students, political figures and accomplished business people. However, they also often feature people who just show up to help.
  • No vigilante here, but we remain vigilant about proper use of words
    Although I would never advocate defacing public property, it’s hard to get angry with the “grammar vigilante” in England who ventures out at night to correct infractions against the English language spotted in public signs. Although he holds grudges against all forms of incorrect punctuation, he spends most of his time addressing wayward apostrophes using a tool he built himself, according to the BBC, which did a story on him while protecting his anonymity.
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