Drinking and driving kills – When it’s 2 a.m., and you’re just about to leave that “cool party” or after being out at the bar for a few hours, take a step back and think, “Is it worth driving myself home, knowing that I’m not only putting my life at risk, but also others?”

Many people tend to think that waiting a few hours is long enough for the alcohol to wear off; that is actually false.

Once the alcohol is consumed, about 20 percent of it goes directly into your blood vessels, which is then carried throughout the body and directly to the brain.

The alcohol then travels throughout your body to the liver, where it is metabolized. However, the liver can only metabolize about one ounce of alcohol every hour.

Just from one single ounce, the blood alcohol level of an average person is about 0.015, according to http://americanaddiction centers.org. Roughly, it takes about 5.5 hours for a person with a blood alcohol level of .08 (which is the legal limit) to become sober again.

Drinking and driving is something that many people in this area do. Many of us sit back and wonder why, while others continue to do it.

Is it a lack of education on the effects of alcohol? Is it carelessness? No matter what it is, we need it to end.

When people decide to be careless and do it anyway, innocent people’s lives are put at risk!

No matter what you do, whenever you drink, don’t drive. Many people say that just to sound like a good person. However, for many of us, this fact has hit close to home.

Someone that we were close friends with died due to a drunk driver. Even though we were against drinking and driving before that, now more than ever we are trying to spread this life saving message.

Editor’s note: This is a first in a series of columns by students in Mrs. Lile’s literature class that are looking to add to their writing resumes. Look for other columns from various members of the class throughout the rest of the school year. Comments can be directed to Lile at 507-498-3221 or julianna.lile@springgrove.k12.mn.us.