The Caledonia/Spring Grove/Houston gymnastics team dropped a conference dual-meet on the road against La Crescent/Hokah on Dec. 21 by a score of 120.02 to 94.05. The last meet before the Christmas holiday saw one Warrior, Rachel Welsh, finish in the top 5 of the all-around competition (24.65).

After the meet, Warrior head coach Jess Wiese said they’ll have a lot of time to sharpen their skills in each event over the holiday break before they return to competition in 2018.


Becky Meyer 7.0, Kylie Stagemeyer 7.05, Kourtney Olson 7.05 (Third place), Maddie Wieser 7.55, Rachel Welsh 8.1 (Sixth place). Total 29.75

“Kylie Stagemeyer had a rough warm-up during our timed warm-ups on vault,” said Warrior Wiese.

“She has been working hard on adding the required under-arm sweep to the springboard, but in doing this, her run has gotten scrunched. On her second-to-last turn during warm-ups, Kylie's arms buckled, and she got vault burn on her face. Showing true grit and determination to be a team player, Kylie took another turn and performed a great handspring. When in competition, Kylie completed two clean front handsprings with great under arm sweeps.”

“Becky Meyer improved her vault score by an entire point by concentrating on getting her hands completely turned 180 degrees on top of the vault during her half-on,” Wiese added. “Kourtney Olson, Maddie Wieser and Rachel Welsh all completed their front-handspring vaults.”


Ayshia Gay 3.975, Becky Meyer 4.15, Maddie Wieser 2.0, Brianna Johnson 3.775, Rachel Welsh 5.975 (Sixth place). Total 17.875

“Ayshia Gay had the team and crowd cheering with her new dismount off of the bars,” said Wiese. “Ayshia performed her tuck fly-away like a pro. Ayshia's new bar routine starts with a pull-over, back-hip circle, squat-on, long hang pull-over, back-hip circle, to a tuck fly-away. To help bump Ayshia's score, we need to work on her tiny leg separations and eliminating her short pauses between each skill.”

“Maddie Wieser's score does not reflect the leaps and bounds that she has made on this event,” said Wiese. “Maddie has added a spotted kip on low, squat-on, and a spotted kip on high bar. Due to the spots on each bar, it greatly lowers her score. Coach Nancy and I believe that sometimes the score has to suffer in order to gain competition experience with the skills.”


Ayshia Gay 5.1, Kylie Stagemeyer 3.8, Brianna Johnson 6.05 (Fifth place), Rachel Welsh 4.625, Kourtney Olson 5.3. Total 21.075

“Brianna Johnson earned a 5th-place finish with her beam score of 6.05,” Wiese said. “Bri has been working really hard on adding more difficulty to her beam routine. Bri has beautiful lines and poise, making her beam routine have flow and emit grace. Over the winter break, we will be working hard to get her front tuck dismount more stable and ready to perform.”


Maddie Wieser 5.65, Brianna Johnson 5.7, Rachel Welsh 5.95, Kourtney Olson 6.925, Becky Meyer 6.775 Total 25.35

“Rachel Welsh had the team on their feet cheering when she performed her second tumbling pass, which included a round-off, back handspring, back walkover,” Wiese said. “Rachel has been working hard on her back handspring and gaining confidence in the pass each and every practice since our last meet against KMT. By concentrating on squaring her hips in the round-off, she is able to go over the top in her back handspring.”

Junior varsity

C/SG/H 69.35

La Crescent/Hokah 84.7


The Warrior girls start off the new year with a conference home dual-meet with Byron on Thursday, Jan. 4.