Injuries and illness elevated some of the younger gymnasts into varsity competition as the Caledonia/Spring Grove/Houston gymnastics team was on the road at Byron to face the Bears in a dual meet on Thursday, Feb. 1. The Warriors are still looking for their first dual meet with only one more left to go before Section after falling to the Bears 134.37 to 94.9. The Warriors did place three gymnasts in the top six of the All-Around competition.


Brianna Johnson (23.35) placed fourth in all-around with Maddie Wieser (23.15) fifth and Kylie Staggemeyer (22.375) sixth.


Rachel Welsh 7.725 (6th Place), Maddie Wieser 7.6, Brianna Johnson 7.5, Kylie Staggemeyer 7.475, Aubrianna Koch 6.95, Total 30.3

Wiese said Aubrianna Koch started things off with two front handsprings in the vault event. Wiese said this was her first varsity action, and Koch did really well.

“She was able to calm the butterflies in her tummy and perform two nice vaults,” Wiese said. “Aubrianna's run is very strong as is her approach onto the vault. She’s still working on improving the top portion of her vault. Blocking through the elbows instead of the shoulders, Aubrianna's finish is very close to the back side of the vault, causing a wobbly finish.”

She said both Maddie Wieser and Brianna Johnson have been working hard in practice towards a new vault - half-on, half-off, which Wiese said it very difficult.

“You have to twist onto the vault (180 degrees) in one direction and twist off of it in the opposite direction (180 degrees).

“Both scored really well. They ran hard, had great turn completion, tight leg form and nice landings. Coach Helen Olson has been working with the girls to get these new vaults perfected before sections.”

Kylie Staggemeyer and Rachel Welsh competed front handspring vaults.


Welsh 6.55 (5th Place, 1 conference point), Johnson 4.65, Staggemeyer 3.65, Wieser 3.1, Ayshia Gay 2.6, Total: 17.95

“Rachel Welsh had a gorgeous bar routine,” Wiese said. “Her lines were crisp, and her swings were fluid. Rachel competed a kip, switch kip, back hip circle, squat on, long hang kip, kip, back hip circle and layout flyaway.

"Rachel's routines usually are muscled through, but when she competed at Byron, her routine looked completely effortless. During practice, Rachel is always striving to make her routines better each and every day.”

She said Brianna Johnson competed a strong set, earning a score of 4.65, performing a pullover, back hip circle, squat on, long hang pull over, pull over, back hip circle, and tuck flyaway.

“By focusing on her leg form,” Wiese said, “eliminating the extra pauses and swings in-between skills, and her hollow swing downs, her bar score has rocketed. Before sections, if Bri could put a kip on either low bar or high and open her tuck fly away dismount to a pike or layout position, her score would grow that much more!


Welsh 6.0 (6th Place), Wieser 5.75, Johnson 5.5, Staggemeyer 5.25, Gay 4.55, Total 22.5

Gay started the Warriors off strong on beam with a 4.55 score. Wiese said. "Ayshia has been working hard during practice to get all of her beam requirements.

“At Byron, she was able to check off the backwards movement by performing a backward roll and forward movement with a front tuck dismount, When watching her on the beam, her gravity-defying jumps make one forget that she is only a little seventh-grader! Ayshia is going to be a star on the team when she hits high school.”

Wiese called Staggemeyer one of the hardest workers on the team. While gearing up for the Byron meet, the Warriors hit the beam hard during each practice.

“Kylie is always so hard on herself whenever she falls off or has a small wobble,” Wiese said. “Whenever I give Kylie a correction on a skill or movement, I only have to say it once. She is so coachable and always striving to become a better gymnast. Kylie also performed a backward roll in her routine, giving her credit for backward motion, and a front tuck off for forward motion.”


Wieser 6.7 (6th Place), Staggemeyer 6.0, Gay 5.75, Johnson 5.7, Cameryn Kruse 5.5, Total 24.15

“Cameryn Kruse competed for varsity for the first time and did well,” Wiese said. “During practice, coach Olson has been working with her to get her round off, back handspring, back handspring. Laying off the pass for a few practices due to shoulder pain, Cameryn was able to tough it out and perform her floor routine. By rolling her hips forward and getting too much height on her first back, Cameryn had to switch her second back handspring for a back walkover.”

“Maddie Wieser was our high score on floor with a 6.7,” said Wiese. “Maddie's performance on the floor is always eye-catching because she has upbeat music, her choreography is spunky, and lines are crisp and clean. Maddie doesn't have the hardest tumbling passes on the team, but she performs them well. This is the reason why I can't stress enough that is never just about performing a trick. You also have to look good doing it.”

“Becky Meyer, Kourtney Olson, April Bauer, Emma Ranzenberger, Jadah Zehnder and Rachel Welsh (no floor) were unable to compete due to injury or illness,” Wiese added.

Junior varsity - Byron 119.7, C/SG/H 77.1

"The seventh and eighth-graders really stepped up to the plate and performed their hearts out. It was so fun to see. Coach Olson, Coach Nancy Welsh, and I are all very proud of how the "littles" performed. We are crossing our fingers that we all will be healthy and happy come February 17.”


The Warriors have one regular season meet left, a dual at home against La Crescent-Hokah on Thursday, Feb. 8. After that, it’s off to the section meet in Rochester on Saturday, Feb. 17.