The Caledonia/Spring Grove/Houston gymnastics team dropped its first home meet of the season last Tuesday, Dec. 12, against Kasson-Mantorville/Triton by a score of 107.8 to 96.82. In spite of the loss, the Warriors saw several good performances from the girls, placing two of their athletes in the top four spots in the all-around standings.

Head coach Jess Wiese said the girls took a step forward from their first meet of the season against Stewartville/Chatfield.

Varsity: KMT: 122.775, C/SG/H: 96.825;

JV: KMT: 107.8, Caledonia: 70.05

All-Around: Rachel Welsh 26.075 (Third place), Maddie Wieser 21.5 (Fourth place)


Maddie Wieser 7.775 (sixth place), Rachel Welsh 7.7, Kourtney Olson 7.475, Kylie Stagemeyer 7.3, Becky Meyer 6.85, Total 30.25

“Kylie Stagemeyer started us off strong with powerful front handsprings for her two vaults,” said Wiese. “Her fearless run gives her great pop and block off of the vault. Being a seventh- grader and competing on varsity is scary, but to have to start the entire meet (which sets the tone for the night) with the first performance, Kylie soared to a 7.3.”

“Maddie Wieser earned sixth place with her front handspring vaults,” Wiese added. “Maddie's score shows that you can earn a high score if you perform your skill or routine cleanly. You don't have to necessarily throw in the "big" tricks. She has a great run and approach to the board. When she makes contact with the vault, she is tight and has full-body control. We just need to work on the block to help propel her away from the vault.”


Rachel Welsh 6.075 (Sixth place), Brianna Johnson 4.1, Maddie Wieser 3.825, Becky Meyer 3.4, Ayshia Gay 2.925. Total 17.4

“Ayshia Gay did a fantastic job on her bar routine,” said Wiese. “During her one touch, Ayshia threw her head back on her high bar back-hip circle. Not wanting to give up her turn, Ayshia fought to stay on the bar by literally holding herself in a chin-up position for over 30 seconds. Ayshia's drive, unwillingness to give up, and pure athleticism are awe-inspiring. During competition, Ayshia kept her head in and completed a nice clean set.”

“Rachel Welsh completed a strong bar routine and earned a 6.075, which place her sixth,” said Wiese. “Rachel performed a kip, switch-kip, back-hip, squat-on, long-hang kip, long-hang kip, back-hip circle, and flyaway. On her second long-hang, it looked like Rachel wasn't going to make it back on top of the bar, but she dug deep and muscled her way up. Her great arm strength and determination saved her high bar. With a few pauses between skills, Rachel only needs a few minor improvements.”


Kourtney Olson 6.15 (Sixth place), Rachel Welsh 5.95, Brianna Johnson 5.575, Maddie Wieser 5.2, Emma Ranzenberger 3.35. Total 22.875

“Emma Ranzenberger started us out on beam, and her confidence and poise have definitely grown in this event,” Wiese said. “She’s jumping higher than ever and is working on harder jumps, which will gain her a higher score. Unfortunately, she fell on her cartwheel, meaning she didn’t get credit for a tumbling series and didn't receive credit for the skill. “During winter break, we will be pushing series work and performing pressure sets.”

“Brianna Johnson earned a 5.575 on her beam routine,” said Wiese, “and Brianna is a great performer in this event. We need to clean up our form on our jumps. We tend to have a slight knee bend and lack connection between skills. These little deductions can add up and take off a lot of easy points that we are missing. Brianna is a great beam worker.”


Becky Meyer 7.1 (Fifth place, 1 Conference Point), Kourtney Olson 7.05 (Sixth place), Rachel Welsh 6.35, Brianna Johnson 5.8, Maddie Wieser 4.7. Total 26.3

“Kourtney Olson had a fantastic routine, earning a sixth place finish,” Wiese said. “Her tumbling was powerful, and her jumps/leaps were sky high. In Kourtney’s first pass, she completed a round-off, back-tuck, back walk-over. Having no movement in her feet and keeping motion in her arms, her connection between the back tuck and back walk-over was pristine.

During the holiday break, I want to push for front-flight in her routine as well as in the routines of other varsity members. This will increase our difficulty greatly.”

“Becky Meyer was our top scorer on floor with a 7.1,” said Wiese, “which earned her a 5th-place finish and 1 conference point. Becky's new floor routine choreography is fun and spunky. When the music plays, all eyes are on her. Her poise, grace, and flexibility make her routine enjoyable to watch and one of the team's favorites. To give her score the extra bump, we will be working on putting either forward or backward-flight in her routine.”


“The girls had a much better meet than our last one in Stewartville,” said Wiese. “Coach Helen, Coach Nancy and I are very proud of each and every one of them. We are looking forward to our dual against La Crescent next week (away on Thursday, Dec. 21) and the winter break. That will allow us to pull focus off of routines and work on individual skills.”