The Caledonia/Spring Grove/Houston gymnastics team is still looking for its first dual-meet win of the season after falling at home on Thursday, Jan. 25, against Pine Island/Zumbrota-Mazeppa 143.67 to 98.55, once again coming close to their goal of breaking 100 points. They did set an all-time team score in the bars competition at 20.9 points.

PI/ZM also earned the best junior varsity score 127.4 to 81.5.

With just two meets left before sections on Feb. 17, the Warriors are 0-8 on the season and in the conference.


Kylie Staggemeyer had the team's top all-around total (23.525), followed by Brianna Johnson (22.95) and Maddie Wieser (22.8)


Total: 26.1, Johnson 6.225, Ranzenberger 6.45, Staggemeyer 5.575, Wieser 6.225, Olson 7.2

Head coach Jess Wiese said Brianna Johnson showed her endurance and athletic ability during her floor routine(s).

“After she finished her first pass, the judge stood up and yelled for Brianna to stop,” Wiese recalled. “The second judge wasn't ready, so her routine wouldn't have counted for a varsity score. Taking a small breather, Brianna started her routine again from the beginning; so, in all actuality, she completed a floor routine with four tumbling passes. Brianna took the judge's mistake in stride and performed a beautiful floor routine.”

“Kourtney Olson also completed a nice floor routine,” Wiese added. “Her right leg tends to bend during her dance and jumps. By strengthening the leg muscles on this side of her body, she will have cleaner lines. Kourtney was on cloud-nine after she finished her first pass (round-off, back handspring, back-tuck). She has been working hard in practice to get that specific pass back into her floor routine. The team went wild.”


Total 28.3. Kourtney Olson 7.45, Maddie Wieser 7.0, Emma Ranzenberger 6.95, Kylie Staggemeyer 6.9, Brianna Johnson 6.65

Emma Ranzenberger competed two strong front handspring vaults,” said Jess Wiese. “On the first vault, Emma took a few steps on the landing, but on her second, she was rooted to the ground upon landing, rooted as if she were a tree. Emma has come a long way on this event. I can remember just last year when she was terrified to even go over the vault.”

“Kylie Staggemeyer also competed two strong front-handspring vaults,” Wiese added.

“Her legs were also bent during the movement across the apparatus. As a team, we will have to strengthen our leg muscles and become more aware of how our bodies are flying through the air. Kylie is a very strong athlete. With some extra time focusing on this, I am confident that she will be able to conquer this form break before sections in mid- February.”

She added that Brianna Johnson, Maddie Wieser, and Kourtney Olson also competed two front-handspring vaults.


Total 20.9 (Highest team bar score)

Rachel Welsh 6.75, Staggemeyer 5.05, Johnson 4.725, Wieser 4.375, Ayshia Gay 3.675

“Ayshia Gay swung big during her bar routine,” Wiese said, enthusiastically. “By eliminating most of her pauses and extra tap swings in between skills, Ayshia's bar score gained numerous tenths. We are still struggling with getting our tuck flyaway dismount back. Ayshia is not afraid to let go; her body forgets to flip. By going back to timers and taking the skill step-by-step, I am confident that Ayshia will be able to get this skill back fully before sections in Pine Island.”

“Rachel Welsh also completed a fluid and strong bar set,” Wiese added. “Her lines were fully extended, she had little-to-no pauses/arm bends, and she had all of the bar requirements except for a vertical cast handstand. Rachel is our hardest worker. She’s always the first one in the gym and the last one out.”

Wiese added that Welsh has no time for rips on her hands and doesn’t let small aches and pains to bother her or hinder her performance in practice and in competition. By sections, her arms will be that much stronger she will be able to compete on either/both floor and vault.


Total 23.25, Welsh 6.1, Staggemeyer 6.0, Olson 5.8, Johnson 5.35,Wieser 5.2

“Maddie Wieser performed a stellar beam routine,” Wiese said. “Her tight form and fearless height off of the apparatus make Maddie's routine one to watch. I am so proud of how far she has come on this event. She has really gone out of her comfort zone by adding in her tuck and wolf 3/4's, cartwheel-cartwheel series, backward roll, and her front-tuck dismount. Maddie is only missing the flight requirement in this event.”

Wiese said by changing the second cartwheel in her series to a round-off, she expects Wieser’s score to skyrocket.

Wiese said the Warriors were short-handed during the meet as Becky Meyer, Rachel Welsh, and April Bauer were all unable to compete or had to drop events due to injury and illness.

“After a rough meet at KM/T,” Wiese said, “the girls prevailed and competed a great meet against Pine Island. We celebrated Parent's Night. I may be biased, but I truly believe that gymnastics parents are one of the best groupings of athletic supporters. They are there for every bump and bruise and for every success.”


The Warriors have two duals left in the regular season with the first one a return match at Byron. The Bears beat C/SG/H on the Warriors’ home floor back on Jan. 4. The final meet of the regular season will be a week later, at home against La Crescent-Hokah on Feb. 8.