The Caledonia/Spring Grove/Houston gymnastics team kicked off their busiest week of the regular season with a dual at home against Stewartville/Chatfield, coming up short 125.72 to 97.35. Despite being shorthanded due to injuries, the Warrior girls were just shy of their goal of hitting 100 points in a dual meet. Just two nights later, it was off to a second meet on the road against Kasson-Mantorville/Triton, with an exhausted Warrior team coming up short again, 125.65 to 92.42, all while trying to grind through classroom finals.

C/SG/H is now 0-7 is duals on the season, but head coach Jess Wiese said the young squad is gaining experience and continuing to show improvements.

Loss to S/C 125.72-97.35


Maddie Wieser (23.45) placed third in All-Around competition with Brianna Johnson (23.425) fourth and Kylie Staggemeyer (22.075) fifth.

Vault - team total 29.65

Emma Ranzenberger 7.7 (Fourth Place, 2 Conference Points), Kourtney Olson 7.4 (Sixth Place), Kylie Staggemeyer 7.325, Brianna Johnson 7.225, Maddie Wieser: 7.2,

“Emma Ranzenberger scored well with her front handspring vaults, earning a fourth-place finish and two conference points,” said Wiese. “Emma has great speed and approach on this event. By working on blocking through the shoulders, Emma's vault will propel farther away from the back side of the apparatus.”

“Coach Helen Olson has been working hard with the girls to get better block and stuck landings on the finish,” she added. “If you take one step forward, you must take on step back, which counts only as one step. If you take one step forward and meet the stepped foot, it counts as two steps. This is very hard to do because stepping forward and meeting your foot is an innate movement.”

Bars - team total 18.5

Rachel Welsh 5.7 (Sixth Place), Johnson 4.775, April Bauer 4.625, Staggemeyer 3.4, Wieser 2.95

“Rachel Welsh showed her pure grit and toughness when she performed her bar routine,” said Wiese. “Putting the fall at Pine Island behind her, Rachel competed a kip, switch kip, back hip circle, squat-on, long-hang kip, long-hang kip, back-hip circle, and lay-out flyaway. Her routine was good for a 6th-place finish. Rachel wears a brace on her shoulder to help limit her shoulder rotation. When reaching back, her shoulder can/will pop out of socket and dislocate causing her extreme pain, which it did just before the Stewartville meet began.”

Wiese added that coach Nancy Welsh has been working hard with the girls and getting more to flip fly-aways, more jumping to high bar, and more competing kips on low and high.

Beam - team total 23.85

Wieser 6.5 (Sixth Place), Olson 5.85, Welsh 5.8, Johnson 5.2, Staggemeyer 5.125,

“Maddie Wieser had a stellar beam routine, earning her a 6th place finish,” Wiese said. “Maddie was on point last night! There were few wobbles and no falls with all of her beam requirements. Having grace and confidence, Maddie completed a spilt-jump, tuck 3/4, wolf 3/4, wolf jump-pike-jump jump series, cartwheel-cartwheel tumbling series, back ward roll, and front tuck dismount. The whole team cheered when she saluted the judge at the end of her routine.”

“I am working with the girls to add in backwards rolls for the backward motion requirement, front tuck dismounts, and wolf 3/4 jumps,” she added. “I am pushing hard for not only the varsity girls to have these, but also the junior varsity girls.”

Floor - team total 25.85

Maddie Wieser 6.8 (Fifth Place, 1 conference point), Olson 6.6 (Sixth Place), Johnson 6.225, Staggemeyer 6.225, Bauer 5.9,

“Kylie Staggemeyer had a fun routine, earning a 6.225,” Wiese said. “Her passes were powerful, jumps sky-high, and dance-electrifying. Kylie performed a switch side, popa for her leap series and a full turn, tuck-double for her jump series. In her passes, she has added a front-tuck and back-handspring. With her work ethic, fearlessness and strong desire to become better, I believe that Kylie will become unstoppable when she hits high school.”

“Rachel (Welsh) was unable to compete on vault and floor due to a tender shoulder,” Wiese said. “The impact on each event was too much. We are wanting to heal and be the healthiest team we can become mid-February. Becky Meyer was also unable to compete because of a possible torn meniscus.”

She added that the girls weren't on the top of their game and they were missing two key competitors who were out/partially out because of injury. In spite of the obstacles, the Warriors wound up with their highest score of the season.

“With four 4 regular meets left in the season,” she added, “I believe our goal of hitting 100.0 is well within reach. Coach Helen Olson, Coach Nancy Welsh, and I, are very proud of all the girls' hard work and dedication.”

Loss at K-M/T 92.475-125.65

In All-Around scoring, Johnson (22.95) placed fourth while Wieser (22.70) was fifth and Staggemeyer (20.425) sixth.

Vault - team total 27.5

Johnson 7.15 (6th Place), Olson 6.85, Welsh 6.75, Wieser 6.75, Staggemeyer 6.7

“Brianna Johnson was our team top scorer on vault with a 7.15,” said Wiese. “Bri is still lacking a strong block off of the apparatus, but her form and stuck landings were the reasons for her good score. Bri has been working hard on her run so that she has a faster and stronger approach on the board.”

She said that Kylie Staggemeyer, Maddie Wieser, Kourtney Olson, and Rachel Welsh each competed two front handspring vaults.

Bars - team total 17.5

Welsh 5.4 (6th Place), Johnson 4.65, Wieser 3.85, Bauer 3.6, Staggemeyer 3.05

“April Bauer swung well during her bar set, earning a 3.6 score,” she said. “April had been working hard on connecting her skills and having nice leg form. April's jump to high bar is a work in progress because she crawls up or misses a leg in her squat-on. By getting her squat-on more solid, her routine will flow more smoothly and will bump her score even higher.”

Beam - team total 23.525

Welsh 6.35 (6th Place), Olson 6.35, Wieser 5.775, Staggemeyer 5.05, Johnson 4.85

“Rachel Welsh had to water her routine down in order to not cause her shoulder pain,” Wiese said. “She eliminated her backward roll and round-off in her tumbling series. However, even by watering down her routine, Rachel still scored really well because she has little-to-no form deductions and great height and shape in her leap series and jump series.”


Wieser 6.325 (6th Place), Johnson 6.3, Emma Ranzenberger 5.65, Staggemeyer 5.625, Bauer 5.25

“Maddie Wieser once again was our team top floor scorer of the meet,” Wiese said. “Maddie has been working really hard on adding more difficulty to her routine. This past week, Maddie added an aerial in her dance and has been working on getting her tuck-double and wolf 1 1/2 jumps all the way around. When Maddie performs her routine, it is definitely a team favorite. All of the girls are on the side lines dancing with her.”

Becky Meyer, Rachel Welsh and Kourtney Olson were unable to compete fully due to injury and illness.

“The girls had another tough meet, she said. “They were all both mentally and physically exhausted from finals and having two meets in a week. For our next meet, we will have enough time to recharge our batteries and be back from illness and injury.”


The Warriors host a dual at home this Thursday, Jan. 25, against Pine Island/Zumbrota-Mazeppa. The girls only have two meets before the upcoming section gymnastics meet.