Brianna Johnson
Brianna Johnson
The Caledonia/Spring Grove/Houston gymnastics team came in seventh out of seven teams as the girls got the season started at the Byron Invitational. on Saturday, Dec. 2. But C/SG/H head coach Jess Wiese said it was a good start to what she thinks will be a good season for the Warriors.

Teams: (1.) Pine Island 141.85 (2.) Byron A 133.5 (3.) Red Wing 124.95 (4.) La Crescent 120.05 (5.) Byron B 110.55 (6.) Byron C 105.3 (7.) C/SG/H 97.5


Kourtney Olson Vault 1. 7.5, Vault 2. 7.5; Becky Meyer 7, 7.2; Alissa Johnson 7.8, 7.4; Maddie Wieser 7.6, 7.5; Rachel Welsh 7.8, 8. Total 30.9

“Vault is our strongest event by far," said Wiese. “Kourtney Olson, Alissa Johnson, Maddie Wieser and Rachel Welsh all completed front handspring vaults. Becky Meyer completed a half-on.

“You can see by our scores that the second vaults were better than the first, which is typical,” said Wiese. “The jitters subside, and the girls can concentrate on their form and a stuck landing. As we progress through the season, coach Helen (Olson) and I would like all the girls to add a twist either on or off the vault. This will add a great deal of difficulty to our vault team score.”


Wieser 3.6, Meyer 2.8, April Bauer 3.7, Brianna Johnson 4.8, Rachel Welsh 6.45. Total 18.55

“Bars is our weakest event,” Wiese said. “It’s truly the most difficult event when you think of the athleticism it requires. Every leg or arm bend causes a score deduction along with leg separation and a break/pause in between skills. Our team score may be low, but it’s still 10 points higher than what we averaged last season in the event.

“I attribute the leap forward in scoring on the bars to coach Nancy,” Wiese added. “Every day at practice, the girls are swinging hard and conquering their fears of jumping to the high bar as well as finding their sense of balance in their swings. Coach Nancy (Welsh) is pushing them to become better bar workers and is aiming to have more bar routines that move the gymnasts to the high bar and complete kips.”


Emma Ranzenberger 5.9, Welsh 4.75, Olson 6.15, B. Johnson 6, Meyer 5.6

total 23.65

“Beam is a work in progress,” said Wiese. “We have the skill level, but we just need to develop confidence in ourselves and our routines. With that will come the desired scores.”

“In order to reach our goal in the beam,” she said, “we’ll be doing a lot of pressure sets, which means we perform our routines in front of each other to make competition almost second-nature.”


Wieser 4.6, Olson 6.5, B. Johnson 6, Welsh 5.1, Meyer 6.8 Total 24.4

“Floor is always fun to watch,” Wiese said. “Our girls have great choreography in their routines and have a lot of fun performing them.

“We definitely need to work on our cardio, so that we aren’t running on empty during our final pass,” she added. “We also need to ramp up our difficulty. We’re working on adding back tucks and front tucks into each varsity routine.”


Becky Meyer 22.4, Rachel Welsh 24.3

This week and next

The Warriors were back in action on Dec. 5 with a dual meet against Stewartville/Chatfield in Stewartville. C/SG/H is back on their home floor Tuesday, Dec. 12, with a dual against Kasson-Mantorville/Triton.