Brianna Johnson
Brianna Johnson
The Caledonia/Spring Grove/Houston Warrior gymnastics team had one of its toughest duals of the season Friday, Jan. 12, on the road against Pine Island, the likely Section 1A favorite this season.

The 143.625 to 92.9 loss was a learning experience for the young Warriors, who are 0-5 in duals this season, both overall and in the Three Rivers Conference.

There were some good things that came out of the meet, including three Warriors that earned all-around scores, two of which finished in the top 6 individual places. Rachel Welsh (23.35) placed fifth all-around while Brianna Johnson (22.775) was sixth. Kylie Staggemeyer had an all-around total of 20.425


Rachel Welsh 7.6 (Sixth Place), Maddie Wieser 7.2, Brianna Johnson 7.05, Kourtney Olson 6.9, Kylie Staggemeyer 6.775, Total: 28.75

“Maddie Wieser completed two strong front-handspring vaults,” said head coach Jess Wiese. “Her run is more aggressive and gives her nice pop off of the apparatus. Maddie is a great vault worker. In time, she will be able to progress the front handspring into a front handspring half; front handspring full; and even a Rudi (front handspring 1 1/2).

“Kylie Staggemeyer also completed two front handspring vaults,” added Wiese. “Kylie is fearless in her run but is working on developing more form on top of the vault. Because of bent legs and flexed feet, Kylie's score suffers. By squeezing her quadriceps and gastrocnemius muscle groups, she’ll reach the desired straight shape.”

Brianna Johnson, Kourtney Olson, and Rachel Welsh also completed front handspring vaults.


Brianna Johnson 4.95 (Sixth Place), April Bauer 4.4, Wieser 4.225, Welsh: 4.175, Staggemeyer 3.95, Total: 17.75

“Rachel Welsh had trouble with her timing during her bar set,” Wiese said. “When performing her kips, she got a little impatient and struggled to make it to front support. While on high bar, she missed her second kip and needed assistance to get back on top of the bar.

Understandably a little frazzled by then while dismounting, Rachel pulled in on her tuck fly away. This brought her back into the bar, catching her shins and feet on the bar and made her fall on her neck/shoulder. It was a bad fall, but Rachel pulled herself together and completed the remaining three events with power and grace.”


Olson 6.1 (Sixth Place), Wieser 5.1, Welsh 4.875, Johnson 4.175, Staggemeyer 4.15, Total 20.25

“Kourtney Olson was our team top scorer on beam,” said Wiese. “Her long legs create such beautiful lines. Unfortunately, she fell three times, but Kourtney still scored well because of her degree of difficulty and her nice form on all skills. If you were to take out the falls, she would have scored a 7.6 (five-tenths deduction per fall). This shows how important it is for the girls to fight to stick their moves. We are literally giving points away.”


Olson: 7.25 (Sixth Place), Welsh: 6.7, Johnson 6.6, Bauer 5.6, Staggemeyer 5.55, Total: 26.15

“Brianna Johnson had an awesome floor routine,” said Wiese. “She added in a back tuck in her first pass, which added great difficulty to her set (round off, back tuck, back walkover). Bri has been working hard in practice to get her back-tuck ready for competition. Along with the new pass, Bri revamped her jumps and completed a switch leap, wolf 1 ½, and a full turn, tuck double. Bri has a fun routine to watch.”

“April Bauer's floor routine didn't go as well as it could have, but it was a great learning experience for her,” Wiese added. “Falling on her knees during her back handspring, April's pass voided. I'm glad that she threw it during the competition so that it becomes more and more comfortable and confident each and every routine. We are proud of how she was able to not let her first pass ruin the remainder of her routine.”

Junior Varsity: C/SG/H 79.5

Pine Island 129.5

Wiese said it was a tough meet for the Warriors, and they knew it would be going in.

“We were going against the top team in our section, and the girls seemed to feel defeated even before the competition began.

"Gymnastics is not only extremely taxing on the body, but it is very strenuous on the mind, both internally and against our competition. With a little more time and self-confidence, these feelings will subside.”


The Warriors have a busy week on the schedule with not one, but two duals coming up, the only week of the season with more than one meet. The first on is Tuesday, Jan. 16, at Stewartville, and Thursday, Jan. 18, at Kasson-Mantorville.