Madison Thompson, SGHS Freshman
Madison Thompson, SGHS Freshman
School lunches have been lacking something this year - dessert. We usually get dessert two to three times a week. Last year we got dessert every day.

If you don't like the main dish at school, it's really disappointing when you don't have dessert that day and you remain hungry for the rest of the day.

People always say that we have an unlimited salad bar, which is true, but it's not fun eating salad all the time. Cutting desserts saves money, but there are other meals that aren't as popular with the students that we could cut instead, such as fish sandwiches or chicken noodle hot dish.

I asked a couple students and teachers what they disliked most at lunch and they said beef stew, chili and barbeques.

Another option would be to have dessert offered every day and we could pay extra for it in cash or just add it on with the rest of your meal.

It would be really nice to get dessert again every day; the students would really appreciate it!