Keenan Siminski
Keenan Siminski
I propose we change the rule of not being able to ride non-motorized vehicles on sidewalks.Also, during the upcoming renovation of the city's main street and sidewalks, we should make a bike lane.
I ride my bike a lot, so I know by experience that the sidewalk rule is effective, but I do think it should be amended. The rule or law makes it illegal to ride skateboards, scooters, and bikes on the sidewalk.
The result of this rule is kids riding on Main Street and having to constantly weave around cars parked on the street. So which is better? Riding on the sidewalk? Or weaving around cars while other vehicles are passing you at 20+ miles per hour?
The part of the rule that says no riding skateboards or scooters is the part that confuses me. Why can't people do this? There is no danger because: 1) you can't get going very fast on either of these and 2) it's very easy to brake while riding them.
To improve this rule I propose the city make a small biking lane while the streets are being renovated. I also propose this rule be changed so people can ride on the sidewalks, except bikes. The time to make changes is now.