Britney Hahn, SGHS Senior
Britney Hahn, SGHS Senior
You turn the radio on and no sound comes from it. It's like words from the song "American Pie" by Don McLean..."the day music died." No sound, no wonderful tunes of the old days.

Where would we be without music? Music creates the culture of countries and nations. Music is just as important as science and math. It is a proven fact that if you are musically inclined, you are also mathematically inclined.

With music we get to feel emotions; we also listen to it when we are happy, sad or depressed. Music is our life. That is why we need to keep music in schools and stop cutting it out of curriculums.

Last year, our own school district went from every day choir and band to every other day. The La Crescent School District also recently made reductions to its vocal and instrumental programs. If we keep cutting, we are surely going to end up like the song "American Pie." We will lose hope and feeling without the sound of music.

It is up to everyone, including future generations, to keep the music alive, not only for the culture of a nation, but for our hearts and souls.

Spread the joyful sound of music around and encourage school boards to stop removing it from schools.

We have to keep the beat moving if we want to keep music alive!

Go out there, pick up an instrument or some other random object and play some funky music.

This is how we can start the beat!