Nick Petersen, SGHS Junior
Nick Petersen, SGHS Junior
Fishing is the activity of catching a fish. It is a worldwide past time, dating back thousands of years, with tons of techniques and traditions. To this day, fishing is still one of America's favorite past times.

One of the most popular forms of fishing is called angling or fishing with a rod, real, hook and bait. Angling is a method of sport fishing rather than commercial fishing and fish are released most of the time; although, many people keep their fish for eating or as a prize also.

There are many types of bodies of water to fish - from small creeks to large lakes and rivers. Fish also vary as to what body of water they are in; trout like small cold streams while bass like lakes.

There are many small creeks in Houston County that are great for trout fishing. Trout is my favorite to catch because you can see them take your bait before you reel them in. You also do not need as much equipment to go trout fishing.

No matter the place, fishing is always fun. So this summer get out on the water or by a creek and fish.