Eric Flatten, SGHS junior
Eric Flatten, SGHS junior
For the past week I have been dealing with my mom being hospitalized. With that comes a lot of responsibilities and being unsure what will happen to my family in the future.

With my mom being gone I now have to keep track of the bills. I have also been trying to find living arrangements for my little brother and myself. So far the living arrangements are going well for us.

Since Kyle and I have been a week without a parent at the house our social worker has been trying to make sure that we have an adult with us during the nights.

We are currently staying at the neighbor's house at nights. During the day we attend school and when that gets out, we go home and take care of the house.

When we are at our house Kyle and I clean and be sure we cook supper for the two of us. Then by 10 o'clock we go to the neighbor's house to sleep and then get ready to go to school.

Since 2003 I have been taking care of Kyle, my mom, and myself. She had hurt her back at work and has pretty much been bed ridden since.

Now with my mother gone I only have to take care of my little brother. The only difference that has occurred since my mom being gone is now I must keep track of the bills.

This task is not easy for me, but it is not difficult. I have dealt with the bills a little in the past but nothing of this magnitude.

For now the two of us are taken care of. We have a place to live and we have more than enough food to last us.

For the time being my only concern is that our current arrangements lasts until my mom is out of the hospital and then out of the nursing home. She could be home as early as three weeks or up to six months.

The purpose of the article was not for people to pity my little brother and myself but to be informational about the problems children have without an adult in their household.

I am sure that in time we will face more difficult obstacles to overcome. I am sure that Kyle and I are more than ready for anything that could happen to either of us.

The way that we look at it is at least we are still together and that eventually our mother will return to the house; things will eventually return to normal in our household.