Angel Spinden SGHS Freshman
Angel Spinden SGHS Freshman
Students these days get way too much homework. They have very busy lives outside of school. Between sports, extracurricular activities, and family, students just don't have time for homework, especially on the weekends.

The whole point of weekends and holidays is to give students a break from school, right? But if the teachers give homework over these breaks, then the students aren't actually getting a break from school. Giving homework over the weekend defeats the purpose of a weekend. If we keep going this way, soon the school will completely take away the weekends.

Why do students even have homework? It just makes the students hate school and gives the teachers tons of papers to correct. Yeah, homework helps the students learn the materials, but isn't that why students go to school? To learn the materials? They don't go to school to get homework.

I never understood that anyway. Students have to go to school and almost every day they get homework from at least one of their classes. But, adults don't have to bring their work home unless they choose a job where you have to bring work home. Students don't get to choose if they bring work home; they're forced to.

I know this one editorial isn't going to influence anyone to get rid of homework, because I know people have been trying for years to do exactly that, but I do have some suggestions that hopefully will be considered by schools. For classes that are 90 minutes long they could leave the last 20 minutes of class for students to do homework. If a class is 45 minutes the teacher could leave the last 10 minutes for homework. This would help the students because they would be able to get most of their work done in class and they would be able to ask the teacher questions if needed.

You could also use the first five or 10 minutes of class to talk about yesterday's homework. Give the students time to ask questions about the homework, so they will understand the material better. Then, after discussing, give the students a couple minutes to make corrections to the assignment if needed.

Let's recap on what I've talked about. Homework stresses students because most of them have busy schedules. Ways to make homework less stressful are to give time to work on homework in class, give homework in moderation, and take a couple minutes to discuss the homework. Doing one of these will help students get better grades and make them not hate school so much, but doing all of them would be even better.