Kristy Folz
Occupation: cashier at Mulqueen's Hardware
Family married with three children
Kristy Folz Occupation: cashier at Mulqueen's Hardware Family married with three children
1.) Please tell us about yourself and why you are running for office.

I am married to Paul and have three kids- Andy, Aly, and Alex. I have been on the school board for almost six years. I am running for office because I feel I have accomplished many good things while on the board and have many more things to accomplish.

I am an open-minded yet straightforward person. I feel these qualities are a benefit on school board. I have maintained an open door policy that has allowed people in our community to come to me with questions and concerns about our school. I have been able to answer those questions openly and honestly. In the instances that I do not know an answer, I have done the research needed to answer those questions or brought their concerns to the board as a whole.

2.) What are top three priorities that you feel need to be addressed?

My first priority is to offer the best education we can to all of our children. We need to prepare all kids for life after school no matter what path they choose to follow. In every decision made, we need to remember that the children come first.

Next, I want to assure equal opportunities for all students. Every child should have the same opportunities to advance in every aspect of their school life.

Lastly, I want to make Spring Grove Schools a school that not only draws people to our community, but can fiscally stand on its own for many years without sacrificing our children's education. A school is a foundation in the community, a place where our most precious things are molded into young adults, and we need to strive for the highest standards, while guarding ourselves for the years to come.

3.) How do you think the school can bring more technology to classroom learning?

Technology in our classroom is very important, and in the coming years will be a place where we can and will see a much larger growth. We currently have the ability for some children to take classes online. This is only a first step. With technology we need to work on offering more online classes. Not just advanced or college classes, but high school level classes that children may be interested in, but has not previously been offered.

We also need to expand our technology to include our neighboring districts and work with them in offering classes to each other's students. Technology can never replace a teacher in the classroom, but if we use both together, we will be able to offer more to our children. The opportunities offered today through the use of computers and Internet is endless, we need to be aggressive and explore every aspect we can.

4.) How do you think the school can better communicate with the community and parents in a timely fashion?

Communication in our school can be improved. We currently offer the ability to view grades, attendance, and meal accounts online. We need to expand this to include weekly lesson plans, as well as homework instructions and assignments. We have to get to a point that all this is done weekly, and makes the best use of this system.

We also need to establish better communication between the board, community, administration, and faculty. One way is to use the local cable TV access channel to show school board meetings. Also we should move toward having regular work sessions that are open to the public, where the board and all the staff attend and can ask questions and express concerns openly and honestly.

We need to improve ways in which parents are more involved with the daily activities of the school. This will only benefit the education of the children.

5.) What short-term (5 years or less) and long-term (more than 5 years) goals would you like to set for the school?

Short-term goals are to advance the technology to a point in which our school becomes a leader in this area. I also would like to see a point in which more people attend school board meeting on a regular basis.

To develop policies that assures equal treatment of all students, and to continue to update and improve our current policies.

In the long term my main goal is to ensure that the Spring Grove School district can draw in students and remain fiscally sound. We have to work hard on creating new ways and ideas that will make our school stand out above and beyond other districts in order to grow our enrollment and secure our school in this community.

While expanding, and exploring we must look to our parents, staff and students for their input and make sure that the students' education is first and foremost.

6.) What have you accomplished in your time on the school board?

I have pushed for the expanded use of technology in our school. I have secured donations to put in an AED (automated external defibrillator) as well as some new equipment in our concession stand area. I have helped re-write the school crisis policy as well as the discipline policy, which are in use today.

The thing I am the most proud of is the fact that I am not a "YES" person. I ask questions, I demand results, I make informed decisions, and I hold people accountable. If I get told something will be done in three months, in three months I am asking if it is done and what the results are.

I have never voted on an issue that I was not fully informed on, and I always welcome people to give me input. If you call me, I will always be open to hearing questions, concerns, and ideas.

Board of Education for District #297 - Kristy Folz - incumbent