Megan Jones
Occupation: Spanish teacher and business owner
Megan Jones Occupation: Spanish teacher and business owner
1.) Please tell us about yourself and why you are running for office.

I believe in the public school system. It us one of the greatest things about our country. My two children were educated in the Spring Grove Schools. I have taught in public schools for roughly six years and I am a taxpayer.

2.) What are top three priorities that you feel need to be addressed?

Quality education always has to be the top priority in a school system. Keeping a quality K-12 school in Spring Grove is a top priority. Spending money where it is truly needed and not where it is not needed is also a top priority.

3.) How do you think the school can bring more technology to classroom learning?

Keeping a well-run computer lab, updated and available, with staff trained to run it will bring technology to the classroom. The students already generally rely upon lots of technology. Teachers need to keep looking for creative ways to incorporate technology where it helps students to learn the content, not just to use the technology for its own sake.

4.) How do you think the school can better communicate with the community and parents in a timely fashion?

Spring Grove School does a fairly good job with that simple newsletter. I found it very helpful when my children were of school age. If there are better ways, I look forward to hearing from parents and community members to see if there are better ways to communicate.

5.) What short-term (5 years or less) and long-term (more than 5 years) goals would you like to set for the school?

Short-term goals: Find new ways to keep the K-12 school in Spring Grove and to increase the offering of meaningful electives in the district. Increasing the electives may actually help to keep the school viable.

Long-term goals: Keep the school's quality by constantly looking at ways to improve and making only the adjustments that make sense.

6.) How do you feel the current school board has been doing?

This scary economy and the challenges of declining enrollment make it a good idea to get some new ideas and energy on the board. Many people have served long and hard, but new energy and ideas can help to look at old problems anew.