Democrats increased their numbers by two seats in the Minnesota House of Representatives; however, Republicans retained enough seats to ensure against a veto-override majority.

Greg Davids, who unseated DFL incumbent Ken Tschumper for Representative from District 31B, was one of 12 new Republicans elected Tuesday. Davids isn't totally new to the House as he represented the district before he lost to Tschumper by a narrow margin in 2006.

The House will have 23 new members - the other 11 are DFLers. The reason the DFL gets a slight increase in seats overall is because DFLers captured more seats previously held by a Republican while more of the new Republicans were replacing an incumbent who didn't file.

Final numbers will not be certified until the State Canvassing Board meets later this month, but it appears that Democrats will hold 87 seats to the Republicans 47 when the 86th legislative session begins Jan. 6. The split was 85-48-1 entering Election Day. Ninety votes are needed for a gubernatorial override.

According to the Office of the Secretary of State, two races may be subject to recount. They are District 12B, where incumbent Al Doty, DFL-Royalton, leads Mike Lemieur by 76 votes, and District 16A where incumbent Sondra Erickson, R-Princeton, trails Gail Kulick Jackson by 99 votes.