Greg Davids of Preston will resume his role at state representative for District 31B, in a narrow margin over incumbent Ken Tschumper (D-La Crescent).

Davids held the seat from 1991 to 2006 when Tschumper narrowly defeated him by 45 votes. This time the margin was larger with 407 votes separating the two- 9,873 for Davids over 9,466 for Tschumper. Davids carried both Fillmore (4,923 over 4,857) and Houston (4,950 over 4,609) counties.

Constitutional amendment

Houston County residents agreed with voters across the state and approved the constitutional amendment (the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment). Statewide the amendment passed by 55.9 percent.

The amendment will create an added 3/8 of 1 percent onto Minnesota's sales tax, creating more than $300 million per year in revenue for the state to divvy among environmental and arts causes, according to supporters.

Other statewide races (Houston County numbers)

U.S. Representative race

5,864 votes... Tim Walz (Democrat incumbent)

4,246 votes... Brian Davis (Republican)

453 votes... Gregory Mikkelson (Independence)

5 votes... write-in

Statewide results were Walz (20,7749) over Davis (10,9451) with Mikkelson garnering 14,904 votes.

U.S. Senate race

5,028 votes... Norm Coleman (Republican incumbent)

4,596 votes... Al Franken (Democrat)

942 votes... Dean Barkley (Independence)

74 votes... Charles Aldrich (Libertarian)

30 votes... James Niemackl (write-in)

4 votes... write-in

Statewide results show Coleman barely holding onto his lead with only votes 1,211,565 versus Franken's 1,211,359. Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is preparing for a statewide recount, which will begin sometime after Nov. 18, when the state canvassing board certifies the election.

The difference between Coleman and Franken, which stood at 725 votes in Coleman's favor Wednesday morning, has changed several times since then as county officials have checked results and sent the adjusted figures to the state. For the most part, the margin between the two has narrowed with each change.

Over the weekend, Coleman tried to block 32 absentee ballots from heavily Democratic Hennepin County from being counted. A Ramsey County judge denied the request because of lack of jurisdiction.

Coleman's campaign said the ballots were not counted on Election Day or were not kept in sealed boxes. Ritchie maintains all votes are being properly counted.

U.S. Presidential race

5,906 votes... Barack Obama/Joe Binden (Democratic)

4,743 votes... John McCain/Sarah Palin (Republican)

123 votes... Ralph Nader/Matt Gonzalez (Independence)

33 votes... write-in candidates

28 votes... Chuck Baldwin/Darrell Castle (Constitution)

25 votes... Bob Barr/Wayne Root (Libertarian)

22 votes... Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente (Green)

3 votes... Roger Calero/Alyson Kennedy (Socialist Workers)

Statewide Minnesota remained a blue state this year, with Obama receiving 1,573,323 (54.06 percent) over McCain's 1,275,400 (43.82 percent).