Houston County reported high numbers for voter turn out. "I think we have a lot of people who are conscientious of their right to vote and they just want their voices to be heard," Char Meiners told the La Crosse Tribune.

With 12,364 registered voters as of 7 a.m. Tuesday, she said, a whopping 10,953 voted. That's around 88 percent.

Local races didn't show many upsets, with incumbents holding onto their seats. The numbers stacked up like this:

Spring Grove Mayor's race

Mayor Karen Folstad did not seek re-election for her seat and the new mayor will be sworn in on Jan. 2, 2009.

353 votes... Heather Gray

254 votes... Nancy Nelson

56 write-in votes: 49 votes for Dana Kjome, seven votes for Mary Walker, and one each for Paul Folz, Duane Olerud, Jesse Ventura, Curt Roverud and Roger Lunde.

Spring Grove City Council

Two council seats were open- incumbent Steve Kemp filed while Duane Olerud did not seek re-election.

461 votes... Steve Kemp (incumbent)

485 votes... Saundra Solum

43 write-in votes: 11 votes for Dana Kjome; four votes each for Steve Landsom, Dana Vesterse and Mary Walker; two votes each for JC Nerstad, Red Dahle, Tammy Stadtler, Mark Dokken and Jim Hunzeker; and one vote each for Jerry Kraus, Duane Olerud, Heather Gray, Nancy Nelson, Al Ulven, Megan Jones, Roger Lunde, Rachel Hegge, Mark Onsgard and Carlten Onsgard.

Spring Grove School Board

Three four-year seats were open with two incumbents filing for their positions. Top three winners are:

930 votes... Aaron Solum (incumbent)

918 votes... Christian Myrah

510 votes... Kristy Folz (incumbent)

Other results were 447 votes for Stephanie Jaster, 369 votes for Megan Jones and 16 write-in votes as follows: two votes for Jay Solum and one vote each for Dean Ellingson, Orion Deters, Deb Lesnar, Dave Morken, Brad Hernandez, and Lara Wold-Hernandez.

County commissioner District 5

Incumbent Tom Bjerke triumphed over Brent Newgaard (1,031 versus 763) with eight write-in votes: three votes for Brad Hernandez; two votes for Marv Peacock; and one vote each for Rolland Roaghofs, Tim Blanski, and Dan Gittens.

Breakdown by precinct:

Black Hammer Township- 95 Bjerke, 73 Newgaard;

Eitzen City- 66 Bjerke, 63 Newgaard, 2 write-ins;

Jefferson Township- 41 Bjerke, 14 Newgaard, 0 write-ins;

Spring Grove City- 440 Bjerke, 234 Newgaard, 3 write-ins;

Spring Grove Township- 99 Bjerke, 141 Newgaard, 0 write-ins;

Wilmington Township- 116 Bjerke, 138 Newgaard, 0 write-ins; and

Winnebago Township- 84 BJerke, 45 Newgaard, 0 write-ins.

Soil & Water Conservation seats

For District 3 Glenn Kinneberg was re-elected to the Soil and Water Conservation board for a four-year term with 5,322 over challenger Roger Stenhoff with 3,209 votes and 35 write-ins.

For District 4 incumbent Vernon Fruechte ran unopposed receiving 8,396 votes with 45 write-ins.

Lastly. District 5 incumbent Joe McManimon also ran unopposed receiving 8,202 votes with 30 write-ins.

Other area races


Mayor: Timothy P. Serres, 262; write-ins, 7.

City Council (two seats): Rick Voshart; 237, Craig Steger, 174; write-ins, 22.


Mayor: Robert H. Burns, 1, 342; write-ins, 22.

City Council (two seats): Tom Murphy, 747; Peggy Perry, 32; Gary Klug, 313; Joe Rud, 293; Bob Standish, 276; Verne A. Goetzinger, 272; Douglas Rusert, 267; Norman J. Snodgrass, 149; Beverly Rud, 90; write-ins, 12.


Mayor: Jeff Adamson, 116; write-ins, 17.

City Council (two seats): Chad Meiners, 68; Ronnie Staggemeyer, 62; Lori Engan, 53, Robert J. Burrichter, 37, Mary Lou Burrichter, 21, Cheryl Neumann, write-in, 1.


Mayor: James Scholze, 139; Mike Walsh, 137, write-ins, 16.

City Council (two seats): Samantha Mullen, 203; Rita Christianson, 181; write-ins, 21.


Mayor: Connie Edwards, 434; write-ins, 28.

City Council (two seats): Eric Jerviss, 263; Tony Schultz, 228; Francis Van Gundy, 182, Stacy (Steinfeldt) Yohe, 144, Fred Huhn, 101, write-ins, 4.

La Crescent

Mayor: Mike Poellinger, 2,335; write-ins, 110.

City Council (two seats): Dale Welsey Williams, 1,075; Scott Yeiter, 1,074; Torrey Kistler, 1,042; Ben Rudert, 756; Dave Hanifl, 585; write-ins, 23.