Marzolf Implement moved into its brand new shop area late last year. There are many aspects of this new building that helps with the day-to-day operations of the business. (Tribune photo by Sonya Meyerhofer)
Marzolf Implement moved into its brand new shop area late last year. There are many aspects of this new building that helps with the day-to-day operations of the business. (Tribune photo by Sonya Meyerhofer)
After months of hard work Marzolf Implement owner Corey Marzolf was finally able to experience the "joy and satisfaction" of a completed project when the business moved into its new shop last December.

The company suffered the loss of its former shop area on Dec. 22, 2010, when the roof collapsed from the weight of snow buildup.

"It's never a good sign when an employee calls you before work," noted Marzolf, about receiving the news that the roof had collapsed. "It was a big process to clean it up." Luckily, many members of the community and surrounding areas lent a helping hand.

Site prep work for the new shop began the second week of July last summer, with the main construction beginning the next month.

Marzolf noted, "It was so fortunate that we had a warm and late fall. Lots of combine work was done outside by my employees and it was not bad conditions considering that we had to be outside of the shop - only a few damp and cool days -but very fortunate."

Features in the new shop include in-floor heat and perforated panels on all the inside walls and ceiling.

"This cost extra but it's very nice for sound deadening purposes with the noise of engines and air tools," noted Marzolf.

"It's a good feature for the protection of hearing and also a great way to have the building just be quieter."

The shop is "very efficient, clean, very warm and pleasant area" for the employees to work, he added.

Marzolf noted the jib cranes for set up are also "a huge plus for safety purposes, ease and efficiency of setup." They help make the shop more efficient and safer for setup for the employees.

When one looks up in the shop, they can see the big ceiling fans that help move the air in the large building, which is over twice the size of the former building. They will also help cool the structure in the warm summer months.

Marzolf said another feature he likes is the large hydro-power door that is "very useful and allows us to bring in much larger equipment in their working positions, where as before we had to bring them in on a cart or trailer to fit in the smaller doors that we had at the time."

He shared that the design was based upon the work of several different examples he looked at. Ultimately, the design selected was "very cost effective and was the best use of the space that we wanted to work with."

Marzolf said the size of the building was also based upon "how much larger we wanted to go on the site that we had determined to be the best for the employees we had and also the potential for larger equipment in the future."

The staff at Marzolf Implement is still adjusting to the new building. "We are growing into the new space and are trying hard to be very organized and not 'clutter' the shop with lots of miscellaneous nuts and bolts," noted Marzolf.

"We want to maximize our work space without having a lot of 'stuff' laying around the edges. It will be a change for us but we are trying to get more effective about having our work shop neat and tidy for solving the service related tasks at hand."

The building also has a bright atmosphere. "The new lighting has also made a big difference in the work area and the ability to see more clearly. It's so much brighter in the new shop. There is a noticeable difference in the lighting, even during the day," he said.

Marzolf shared that he is satisfied with the finished product and happy that the project is complete. "The process has been that of a roller coaster ride ... you start out in a bit of shock and disbelief, not really believing this is happening to you, and trying to deal with the mess," he added. Then the cleanup must be dealt with, along with decisions of what to keep and where to put it.

Then there is the planning stage and one has to try to determine what will work the best for the new design plan and then building process begins. Marzolf said this "really tests your patience and ability to make certain 'unplanned decisions' that come up unexpectedly."

"It is so awesome to see it completed through to the end ... and it is so bittersweet. There is lots of aggravation and difficult decisions to make, both financially and building design decisions, which helps you to arrive at the satisfaction and joy of the completed project. To see it being utilized on a daily basis is truly rewarding."

Marzolf said he is fortunate to live in a community with lots of caring individuals. "Many local 'man' hours went into this project, which we are very proud of ... and it is a big boost to the local economy, for those who are not directly effected by this project but indirectly gain by having local workers sustain work and have income from this, which they spend at various businesses in the community after the fact.

"It is also a plus to keep a business going here locally and to help provide jobs for many area individuals and be a mainstay here to help the overall business climate of Spring Valley, which has always been a leader in southeast Minnesota," he noted.

Marzolf said a local farmer had the following advice for him when he was struggling with the building process and some of the decisions he was facing. "He said, 'This is a decision for your future and for ours, your commitment to rebuild will help me to stay committed to your company as a customer for years to come.'"

Marzolf added, "I received a lot of words of encouragement like that during this process, which helped me feel like this was the right decision to make."

It also made him realize that those associated with the company weren't the only ones impacted by the events of Dec. 22. "Many people outside of Marzolf Implement and its employees were affected by what happened when our roof collapsed that day."