As some of you know, I still haven’t received my $10.3 million from Citibank that I wrote about last week. After I gave Christopher — yes, I’m now on a first-name basis with the FBI director — my personal information, including my Social Security number and bank account numbers, I went in to see my banker to let him know that a large deposit will be coming into my account.

He was stunned, which I figured would be the case because it isn’t every day one of his customers gets a windfall like this. However, the words that came out of his mouth were unexpected as he told me I wasn’t dealing with the real FBI director, that instead it was a scam by people trying to get to my money.

Christopher had warned me about others trying to lead me in the wrong direction, but I never figured my banker would be in on this plot. I had enough of his crazy talk and immediately left the bank.

As you can guess, the next logical move was to consult my friend who is always in support of what I do. And, the next logical step for him was to take a closer look at this banker to see why he would be trying to deprive me of my money.

His background check showed the banker had supported the right candidate in the 2016 election, which left him puzzled, but then he discovered he had “liked” a post about expanding background checks on gun owners in light of the recent mass shooting.

So, we reasoned, not only is he trying to take my hard-earned money, he also wants to take away our freedom.

After discussing the matter, the two of us reasoned he must be part of that deep state network that our friends had been talking about.

In the meantime, the banker had consulted the person he thought was my friend, the one I distanced myself from because he supported the wrong candidate in the last election, to try to talk some sense into me. Of course, this is the guy who earlier told me the criminal Hillary Clinton posts were the work of Russian opportunists, which we all know had no involvement in the election since that so-called investigation has proven to be a hoax by the highest office in the country.

Before he even said a word, though, I told him the dirt we had on the banker – that he opposes the Second Amendment, meaning he is an enemy of the state.

He countered that he knows the banker well and he’s sure the banker doesn’t want to gut the Second Amendment. He is an NRA member, he told me, but probably feels there are some compromises that need to be made in the wake of all the mass shootings, including the recent one at the school in Florida.

I pointed out that my friends have shared posts that prove those Florida students were actually crisis actors, not real high school students, and they had been hired to get people stirred up solely to take our freedoms away. My friends are all good people who wouldn’t share something untrue, so it must be a fact, although I never read the details to see the particular proof they had. Furthermore, some of my friends are sure the Florida shooting is a “false flag,” a theory that proves the shooting never happened, but is being used to justify seizing our guns.

With all the evidence under our noses, I couldn’t believe this former friend and the banker, who I always considered intelligent people, fell for the fake news in the mainstream media that pushed implausible stories about kids in this country of ours being able to clearly articulate about such an important issue; after all, how could these young people who haven’t experienced the hard realities like us even have a clue about what is good for our country.

This former friend even had the audacity to tell me that some of the items on social media, including the false flag conspiracy, originated from Russia. His ridiculous assessment was that these Russian operatives don’t want to just create chaos in elections, but also want to create public doubt in institutions such as police, the media and government, pushing sensitive issues to the extremes to drive a wedge between people in the United States.

Ha, I scoffed. I couldn’t believe all the crazy talk I had heard that day. All my friends know the United States is unified except for a few weirdoes like this guy. It’s hard to believe he used to be a trusted friend.

I tried to tell him just as the FBI correspondence with me is without a doubt real, so are all these postings by patriotic groups that have the obvious intent of directing our country in the right direction. In fact, I was beginning to wonder if he was really a true American. Maybe, he...

Warning: The staff of this newspaper just discovered this column has been hacked for the past two weeks. These are not the thoughts of our publisher. His column will return next week now that we have identified the security breach.

In the meantime, we remind our readers that if something in your email inbox seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t true, and if some conspiracy or outlandish post on the internet seems too unbelievable to be true, it also probably isn’t true.

Furthermore, we hope our readers step back to see how, and, more importantly, why, we are becoming so deeply divided in this country. Our country was founded in the spirit of compromise with the belief that reason will overcome the emotion that can lead us astray. Not every difference in opinion is a personal attack on a group of people, a way of life or a cherished principle.